There's an old man at the table in the corner
watching the world go by.
As he sits there he watches those around him
a young couple catch his eye.
He knows exactly how they feel,
remembers when he felt that way
and so he goes to talk to them
knowing love hasn't changed since his day.

And he goes over to talk to them
but they smile politely and don't listen
so he shakes his head and walks away
while the couple turn to each other and say:

Old people aren't real like us cos
old people don't feel like us
they were never this young, they were born that way.
They were never at this age
We're the first to dance this stage
They don't understand the world today.

At the next table sit a married couple and their child,
the parents think their kid's run wild
In a relationship with which they disagree.
It's their kid so they won't let
anything happen they might regret
wrap 'em up in cotton wool, rose-tint all they see
It can't be love cos they're too young
to fall in love you need to live long
they'll understand their 'rents were right someday
in the meantime the couple say that

Young people aren't real like us
Young people don't feel like us
they haven't been around long enough to know
We were smarter at their age
We've got to help them dance this stage
they'll know better when they're fully grown.

But both couples are patronising,
neither of them realising
the truth about the lives we live,
the love we receive and give

The names and places and faces may change
but the emotions stay the same
we're living the same life as evryone else
the order might be different sometimes
but we're all reading from the same lines
the only one who knows what's real is you yourself.

All people are real like us
All people feel like us
Evryone goes thru the acts and scenes
Tho we do things at different age
We're dancing the same dance, sharing a stage
The old man knows exactly what he means.

Some people find the right one younger,
some folk hold the right one longer
sometimes two halves meet just before they die.
Doesn't matter, when you meet them you know
Believe your heart when it says, it's so
Human bodies don't have wings but human hearts are made to fly

The old man and the kid are real like us
At some point they will feel like us
Just like us they laugh and bleed and cry
They may be of a different age
but they know how to share the stage
their bodies may not have wings, but their hearts were made to fly.

Human bodies don't have wings
but our hearts were made to fly.