"So kids, what gun part is this?" Ms. Denny stared expectantly at the attentive children.

"Rib!" Harry shouted, although it was indeed a gun part, the way he was staring at the snacks in the corner led the teacher to believe his motivations were elsewhere at the moment.

"Magazine?" Jamie more asked than said.

"Muzzle." Jake rolled their eyes like it was only obvious.

"Barrel." Sharon shyly answered.

"Correct." Ms. Denny smiled broadly, she headed over to the snacks and picked up one of the brown bars packed with all kind of minerals and vitamins off the small table.

"Ow!" Sharon whined, she looked like she was ready to cry. "Ms. Denny! Jake shot me!"

"You're such a tattletale!" Jake screamed in her face, his smoking gun giving him away immediately.

"Am NOT!" Sharon pushed him away, tears were pricking at her eyes, the shotgun blast left her with bruises and a couple of cracked ribs.

"Are TOO!" He childishly pushed her back. The other children looked upon them intently, this sort of thing happened every so often, but it ever escalated to this level before.

"AM NOT!" She lifted her shotgun and slammed the butt of the gun right where the recoil of his own gun hit him.

"OW!" He rubbed his chest. He furrowed his brow and raised his own gun again.

"Stop it this instant!" Ms. Denny shrieked. The two children froze and dropped their shotguns onto the ground. The others stopped cheering and backed away to avoid the verbal bashing that Jake and Sharon were sure to receive. "Sharon! As a future spy, you must keep your temper under control even when provoked." Ms. Denny shook her head disapprovingly.

Jake stuck his tongue out cockily. "You got in trouble," He said in a sing-song voice.

"And Jake!" Ms. Denny's stern attitude snapped Jake out of his arrogant one. "What did I tell you about shooting your classmates?" She scolded the ten-year old boy and tore the shotgun away from his grasp. "I mean really, you're all ten years old now, I expected more from my star pupils."

Jake's bottom lip quivered, he always got the questions right. Ms. Denny calmly picked Sharon off of her feet, "Next time, I don't want anyone complaining when I make you put on your bullet-proof vests."

"Yes, Ms. Denny." They chorused together all except Jake, whose tears were threatening to spill over.

"Jake." Ms. Denny used her hardened voice. "Go into the Room of Terror." She pointed towards a door.

"Ooooooh." The other children cackled as Jake dropped his head in shame. "But Ms. Denny, the boars that try to flip you into the pool of blood are giving birth to the next generation of boars."

"You'll still have to deal with the pit of Vipers and the tarantulas." She made a "you're-not-going-to-get-off-that-easy" face. Sharon stuck her tongue out just as he did and laughed.

Jake's face burned with humiliation. He was well-renowned among all the students as the star students excelling in every subject known to the spy community, but ever since Sharon transferred, his reign was teetering dangerously over the edge. And to be sent to the Room of Terror! Of all places! It was normal for a seven-year old maybe, and a slight challenge back then, but now, it was just embarrassing.

Jake tightened his grip around the doorknob and slammed the whole world behind him. He felt a burning rage growing inside his chest, not even sedating the sharks with his harpoon eased the fire inside him. There was no one he hated more than Sharon.