Ali leaned back in the boat, flipping through her book.
Savanna sat back lazily, kicking her feet up next to Ali as she prepared to take a nap.
"You're never going to catch anything." Ali said.

"So?" She pulled her cap down over her face.
"You have a bite." Ali said, still reading.
Savanna grabbed the pole and sat up. "You-"
"I didn't say right NOW." Ali laughed.
"I will throw you into the lake."
"Trust me, if you throw me into the lake, I will sink the boat."
"Gah, it's getting late. We should row back towards my house." Savanna said.
"All right." Ali put the book down and adjusted the oars.
She began to row back towards shore as Savanna packed her fishing gear.
Savanna threw the rope onto the dock and secured the boat.
She helped Ali gather her stuff and they returned inside.
"Catch anything?" Savanna's mom asked.
"Well, Ali caught a few bugs, if you want them." Savanna said as she and Ali ascended the stairs.
Ali beat Savanna to the shower and locked the door.
"Ali! I wanted to shower!" Savanna growled.
"Too late." Ali said.
Savanna returned to her room and organized Ali's belongings. By organizing, she hid them in her closet.
Ali emerged a few minutes later, tossing her bag on the floor as she searched for the rest of her stuff.
Savanna sprinted to the bathroom and locked the door.
Ali stuffed Savanna's pillow between the bed and the wall and pulled out another book.
The book slammed into her face when Savanna shoved it forward.
Ali stomped on her foot.
Savanna tugged her pillow out and smacked Ali across the face with it.
Ali grabbed the book and smashed it across Savanna's face.
"Oops...that's a book..." Ali said.
Savanna looked up and nodded. "Yep. This is a fist."
Ali grinned when Savanna swung and missed.
"Hold still."
Ali ducked aside. "And you take karate? What are you, a white belt?"
Ali gasped for air when Savanna's fist landed in her gut.
Ali grabbed Savanna around the waist and slammed her onto the mattress.
Savanna grabbed Ali's neck and pulled her down and flipped over, shoving Ali's face into the pillow.
The door opened.
"Oh, sorry-Wait...Savanna, get off of Ali."
Ali pushed herself up, grinning.
"I'm going out tomorrow, so you two will need to find something to eat."
"All right. We can venture into the unknown lands of the kitchen to discover what vittles await us." Savanna said.
"We'll find something, Mrs. Muldoon." Ali grinned.
"All right. Be careful tomorrow, girls." Savanna's mom returned downstairs.
Ali choked when Savanna caught her in a headlock.
"Not on your life." Ali grabbed Savanna's arm and threw her forward.
Savanna slammed into the wall.
"Ow..." she felt her back. "I hit something."
"The wall. Oh, wait." Ali tugged something from under Savanna's back. "We probably should have cleaned your room up first."
" Am I bleeding?" Savanna asked.
Ali poked at the tiny cut. "You should be fine."
Savanna threw her weight backwards and landed on top of Ali. "I know."
"Cheater." Ali did a push up and rolled aside.
"Dang, girl." Savanna moaned.
"That was your fault."
"See? I miss the days when we just played Scrabble."
"Which then turned into a more physical scrabble whenever I won." Ali said.
"Pretty much. Then Scrabble fell out of the picture. Let's watch a movie."
"Oh, no, you are NOT going to make me help you imitate the fight scene from Never Back Down." Ali said.
"Darn it! Just kidding." Savanna grinned. "Do you want to watch-"
"Okay." Ali said.
"I didn't even say the name of the movie!" Savanna said.
"You were going to say Jurassic Park."
"How did you know?"
"Savanna, at the present, you have an infatuation with the books, dinosaurs, and, lately, swords, I have yet to figure out that one, and if you tie all of those together, it becomes Jurassic Park." Ali said.
"Wow. You're good." Savanna said.
Ali grinned.
Ali pulled the blanket off of Savanna's bed and pushed her mattress against the base.
Savanna started the movie on her flat screen and climbed onto the mattress with Ali, pulling down a pillow to support their backs.