Way You Love Me

Chapter One: Rock and a Hard Place

"Run, Michiru." The honey-eyed boy told me as the sound of footsteps approached the poorly hidden cove.

"There I smell him! He's got the girl, this way!"

"Go!" he said once more. But I shook my head in disbelief. There had to be a way I could keep him safe! It just couldn't end like this!

"No! I won't leave you to die!"

The boy grunted as he dug through his silver strands. "I need you to live! If you don't everything will have been in vain!"

Tears were rimming my eyes yet they refused to fall as he planted something in my hands. "Take this with you. Any time you're in trouble just feed it your spirit energy. I'll come for you, my koma." His clawed hand carressed my cheek, his thumb dashing away a stay tear. "Go."

Climbing to my feet I took off through trees for the ningenkai border. The footsteps of the guards approached my former spot yet I couldn't bring myself to look back. I couldn't go back now. Unfolding my hands from around my savior's parting gift, the small ray of hope enfolded me as I clutched the rose bud to my chest. "Yoko... I'm sorry..."

"Michiru... Michiru... Michiru. MICHIRU!"

CRACK! The sound of something breaking snapped me awake. Glancing around I found everyone was cowering away from me. It wasn't until my groggy gaze landed on Urameshi that I understood. He had tried to wake me and I had punched him squarely in the nose! Now fully awake I jerked my hand down immediately.

The killer aura he was emmitting was enough to clear the classroom within seconds. Urameshi looked ready to shoot me when the final bell rang.

Shoving my things into my bag in record time, I tossed a "sorry" over my shoulder at the green-clad boy before making a hurried exit.

The walk home had been quiet. All I could think of was the boy whose sacrafice had given me a second chance. If only I'd been stronger. If only he hadn't rescued me. If only...

"Hey, Shou! I'm home!" The door swung open to reveal a house shrouded in darkness. "Shou?"

Tossing the keys into my bag, I began to turn on lights.

'Everything's a mess,' I thought. Everywhere I went I found the same: tables in two, pictures torched, mantle mangled. 'What did he do? Fight off Japan's arsenal?'

Sliding the door to my room open, I half expected to find it in shambles, however when something flashed by me and skidded into the hallway, I could feel my breath rush in. It was a guy! Quickly glancing around, I grabbed a chunk of broken stair rail ready to beat him to death if need be!

"Who are you? What are you doing in my house?" I demanded.

"Hmph" he scoffed, obviously not seeing me as a threat. For moments, neither of us moved, each scrutinizing the other. From what I could tell his atramentous strands went waist length and shadowed his eyes. Something similar to a witches hat was perched atop his head while a ruby red pendant hung from his hand. "You're going to die here wench. Any last words?"

Growling I said. "You first."

"Cute" He said swinging his pendant in a dowsing fashion. "Now come to me, my orchid-haired beauty."

I tried to look away yet I couldn't. My feet began to move towards him against, my will, until I was in front of him.

He tilted my chin till our eyes met. "A filthy half-breed like you doesn't deserve to live. It too bad too. You're adorable when you're mad."

Nothing could be done as he removed a knife from his cloak and slowly drug it across my throat. I shut my eyes tight as the knife bit into my skin. This was the end. I wasn't going to live past this moment to find my savior. 'Yoko... I-I'm sorry...'

The blade halted. "What did you say?"

Suddenly it dawned on me. I'd said his name... out loud! My face flushed beet red.

"Did you say Yoko? Yoko Kurama?"

"Kami, just put me out of my missery" I muttered.

"How do you know him?" he snarled.

"Do you really want to know or do you need to kill me?" I asked hopefully.

"You will tell me or else..."

A dry laugh escaped my lips "You're about to end my life, what could be worse?"

"You still are unclaimed I see"

I went stark pale as he smirked.

Brushing the caullus of his thumb over my pulse he kelt down to claim my neck.

My mind was screaming for me to tell him! My heart was telling me 'don't!' Finally I was about to blurt out the truth until a familiar voice sounded behind him. "Do it, pretty boy, and I'll end your assassin career." Shou.

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