I Don't Know,
What's Wrong Today,
I Don't Know,
Why I'm Crying so Hard,
I Don't Know,
Why My Heart Feels Heavy,
Why I Feel So Indifferent,
Yet Offended At The Same Time,
Does That Even Make Sense?
I Don't Know.
What Do I Want to Do?
I Have No Idea.
What Do I Need to Do?
Scream as Loud as I Can.
Why a I Hurting So?
No Clue.
Depressing Music,
It's All I Can Listen to,
Depressing Poems,
It's All I Can Write About,
Depressing Thouhts,
That I Can't Help.
I Want to Be Happy,
But I Can't.
I Don't Know Why,
I Just Don't Know,
I Don't Know Why I Cried Myself to Sleep.
I Don't Know Why I Feel so Angry,
So Hated,
So Hateful.
I Could Do Anything,
It's Supposed to Be My Day,
But I Can't Think Straight,
I Can't See Clear,
I Want to Scream,
Away From Home.
Where No One Can Hear.
But There's No where Like That.
Not Around Here,
Not Anywhere I've Been.
I Wish I could run to the top of this steep tall moutain,
scream as loud as I can,
let it all out,
maybe I'd feel better then,
But who knows?
I Don't Know.
I Don't Know Anything Right Now.
I Can't see Clear.
I Just Don't Know.