Good Men

The bodies of old, the bodies of new, caress my bloody ground,

The world, once white now shed with blood, all my good men down,

And all those who perish within my earth, never to be seen,

Till three years pass, this long war last, where many men have been.

There is one place between these lines, in which no sane man will pass,

My old good men within it's grounds, don't know how long they'll last.

For none, even my live good men, will go and take them back,

And so with all my good men dead, the bodies began to stack.

They've decorated my bloody ground with that of steal and wood,

To catch and snare all those that live, including my men good.

But even so, my men commune on either of this line.

But yet again, to my good men, it is only a matter of time.

They fling these things that cave my earth, and turn my blood-soaked ground,

They drench me in that yellow rain that bring my good men down,

My earth shakes upon it's own accord, my good men hide in fright,

The things they fling hurt my good men, my bloody earth alight.

Yet all these things don't stop on my earth, it's painful for me to say,

These fighting lines, oh my good men, sound off the night and day.

They take my steel and make these things, that ride beneath the sea,

And down within the bloody waters, sink my good men, forever engulfed in me.

Oh, my good men, forever brave, I wonder if they can see,

My bloodstained ground, the death in sound, all this surrounding me.

I ask myself and my good men, what they are fighting for,

Yet they can't answer for they are dead, for now and ever more.

I wrote this for my history teacher who supports my poems so much! :) I got the idea from a documentary I watched on WWII, specifically the subjet of 'No Man's Land' though this seemingly has expanded itself over the entirety of the battle ground areas... If you haven't figured it out already, the poem is from the point of view of the conjoined battle fields speaking as one, if this makes any sense... I applogize about the lack of seperations between the stanzas, they should be seperated by four lines each. My computer is not allowing me to upload my documents at the moment so I have to use the copy and past feature which I have never used before... Comment and Review!