Our Place Beyond the Rats

I've spent eternity trying to find myself,
Gone through an evasive maze of dreams,
But now that I am here, what's my next step?
I've sussed out my good and bad,
My opinions formed and grown,
Into this poem that I write today,
And when I finish writing,
I'll be at confusion's point again,
Wondering what's my next path?
The roads are hazy, I cannot see far,
The future is close but still out of reach,
I've lost many and gained few,
My attackers shutting down my confidence,
But still I walk for what else can I do?
Losing myself isn't an option,
Otherwise there'd be no point to life,
I live to love and love to live,
I don't strive in hope,
I strive knowing this wish is already in my hands,
The world is in our control,
Its up to us how we define it,
And our place beyond the rats.