(Blake's P.O.V.)

Blake(girl): Hi..My name is Blake Lines *waves slightly* I am a drug addict.

Others: Hi Blake!

Blake: I've been clean for 3 weeks by tomorrow,

Person: Why did you stop?

Blake: I had to die..To realize I needed help.

Person: Oh..sorry *looks away shyly*

Blake: I think it's pathetic,actually. That I had to die before realizing how screwed up my life truly was.

Counselor: It's not pathetic,Blake. You had your calling. Some people don't get them,the unlucky ones. And God gave you a second chance to do it right.

Blake: Yeah,I guess.

Other Person: What happened?

Counselor: Would you like to tell us,Blake?

Blake: *nods* I think that would be great.