CHP. 1

I slowly opened my eyes. Out my window I could see the sun starting to rise. I walked over and opened the window; a soft morning breeze tousled my long, blonde hair and swept through my thin white nightgown. I closed my eyes and breathed in, but opened them again so that I wouldn't miss the red, orange, and pink colors as they spread across the sky. How I longed to be out among the sky free of the chains that keep me locked here. As blue overtook the sky I could hear birds singing and see them flying out in the sky. I slammed the window closed. It wasn't fair.

I dove into my bed, swallowed up by the fluffy comforter and extra unnecessary blankets. I hate living like this. All I've wanted to do was just go outside just once; to feel the grass, the ground, something real. I sighed and went to the wardrobe closet immediately falling into my mundane routine. I wonder if I could just walk out in my nightgown, it's not like anyone notices me. I stopped and smiled at the look that would be on my mother's face if she saw me like that. Maybe I'll try it one day.

"Rosaline." I gave a barely acknowledgeable glance in the direction of my nurse. I didn't like her. She did a horrible job of taking care of me when I was younger. Although I don't really blame her, I wouldn't want to take care of a child who would never do anything with her life. "Rosaline, are you getting dressed?" I sighed, "No, Betty, I just thought it would be nice to stand here, half-naked." She clenched her jaw, "My name is not Betty. My name is Bedalia. Your mother wants you to dress up nice today."
"Your mother is considering marrying again and she has chosen a suitable husband. He will be staying here for a while starting today, so she wants you to at least meet him."
"Tch. Yeah. Whatever." I can't believe that woman! My father only passed away a couple of months ago. She has no shame. I stood there with my teeth clenched and my hands in fists until I heard Bedelia's footsteps fade. Even though I never really had any relation with my father, I've always felt sorry for him for falling for my mother. They shouldn't have been together, that's what started this whole curse. There was no use getting angry over it now. I wonder who her highness chose.

I sighed. I wonder what I should wear. A small smile played across my lips, I could almost feel normal. I don't really like any of cloths I've just never really cared before, but now…. It's nice to worry about these sorts of things. I went all the way to the back of my closet, still pretty much the same stuff, and leaned against the back. I stopped, there was a noise…? Creeak. Huh? Snap! "Ahhhh!" I screamed as I started to fall, but grabbed on to some clothing and catapulted myself out of the closet. I gingerly picked myself off of the floor and cautiously proceeded towards the closet. There was an opening where the back fell in but I couldn't see from where I was. Wait! I've heard of something like this before. In a book I read there was these children who found an opening in the back of a wardrobe closet and it lead to… Narnia…..Narnia? I narrowed my eyes; okay I'm going to do this. I crawled to the back a sat before the hole. I reached in my hand, then up to my elbow, then my whole arm, and then I hit another wall. Was a magical world too much to ask for? Somewhere where I could be free? But I suppose that is what sucks about reality, or at least my reality. I sat back disappointed even though I know it was stupid. I just…..wish.

I was about to crawl back out when I remembered that there still might be something in there. I felt around but it seemed to just be an empty room. I reached up and was surprised to find that I could stand all the way up in the small room, but I still couldn't see so I went and got a candle. I looked around the "wall" I had hit was actually some sort of large rectangle box. I took the small knob and pulled. It didn't open, so I pulled harder. It still didn't open. "Come ooonnn!" I pulled and it suddenly opened causing me to hit my hit on the wall behind me. "Owww…..whooaa." I breathed in. Inside was the most beautiful dress I'd ever seen. It was just hanging there. I subconsciously looked around before touching it. It was soft, even the corset was soft. I took it out and laid it on my bed and then put it on. It was a bit snug but I looked amazing. The corset was a soft gray with white pinstripes, silver silk fell to the floor in layers and the sleeves were also silver silk drooping down to show off my shoulders, tight around my arm and fanned out at the wrists. I spun in the mirror and smiled. I wonder if there is anything else in there. There was. It was a small mahogany box painted with roses. Inside the box was a choke necklace that was gray with white stripes and white ruffle bordering it and it had a black gem hanging from it, there was also two black earrings shaped like rain drops hanging from two black beads, a large ring with a silver base that spider-webbed across its black stone, and an artificial black and silver rose. I quickly put all the jewelry on and fixed my hair up with a few ringlets cascading off of my shoulder. I placed the rose just so and gazed on myself in the mirror. I absolutely loved it. The way I looked, I've never looked before. The silver brought out my eyes making them shine. And dare I say it; I just might be even more beautiful than my mother. The thought of her jealously over me caused me to smile again. I was having a good day.

I walked down the halls in my new attire and knew that I would never be able to not care about what I looked like again, even if it is just for my own personal gain. I wish someone could see me. I wanted people look at me, to tell me I'm beautiful. I sighed, I'm sixteen now and yet I've never even come close to a guy. I've watched them from windows in the castle, but they never see me. "Rosaline." I turned and met with Bedelia way too close for comfort. I stepped back, "Yes, Betty. Is there something you need?" Her mouth was agape. I smirked, "Say, Betty, do you like my new dress? I found in my closet, don't I look pretty?"
"Where did you get that!"
" I just told you, I found it in my closet."
She narrowed her eyes, "Well anyways, your mother's fiancée is here, so go to the parlor. You will be meeting him there and don't pull anything."
I rolled my eyes, "I won't, I won't." I strolled off in the direction of the parlor room. Despite myself I'm really curious as to see who this guy might be. He must not be all that great if he's going to marry that woman.

I stopped just before the door and listened. Maybe I could catch something interesting. But there was nothing. I slowly opened the door an inch at a time and peeked through. It was empty save for the silhouette of a man standing at the window. I walked through, "Hello?" The man turned and I froze. He was the most beautiful man I'd ever seen. He stood tall and slender, well fit, his deep black hair was straight and fell just so at his eyes, and his eyes where a piercing ice blue. He smiled revealing perfection. "Hello there." I couldn't speak his voice was smooth and sweet as honey. I looked down suddenly aware of myself and felt self-conscious. He only laughed, "You must be Eliza's daughter." My head snapped up. No way, there's no way this is him, but I knew it was. My heart sank. She doesn't deserve this, she doesn't deserve him. I clenched my fists. Then I curtsied, "It's a pleasure to meet you." My voice never gave away my emotion; I said it in a perfect, proper manner. He smirked and took a step towards me. I could see he was very well dressed. He wore perfectly fit black pants with a deep maroon shirt and a black and dark-gray vest, both of which fit very nicely. "My name is Zaine Blackwell." It very much suited him. I opened my mouth to speak when my mother burst through the doors, "Oh Zaine, my darling, your finally here!" I scowled. There she was, her dark hair pulled back tight and then cascading down her back in waves so she could show off her face. She was tan with brown eyes and dark eyelashes, had high cheekbones and full lips. Her curves were very visible in her snug dress she only wore when men came over. "Oh, Rosaline, you two met already?" I nodded. "Good girl, now run along." She gave me a mock smile then turned her attention to her fiancée, but his eyes lingered on me for a moment. I smiled and walked out the door.

Now that I had seen him I couldn't get him out of my head. The way he looked and the way he spoke. I wanted to see him again. A horrible thought pushed its way into my mind. If he marries my mother then he will technically become my father. No, the thought of that happening is just too horrible. No one should feel that way about the person who would be your father. It's just that he's so young, I think. I sat up from the swooning couch in the music room. Now that I think about it I'm not really sure how old he is, but he couldn't be older than my mother. I laid back down. That's right, there's no way he could be older than my mother. I looked over at the piano. I haven't played in a while. I sat on the bench trying to decide what to play. And then I remembered a song my music tutor taught me when I was young. It was a song she wrote herself about mourning and love. I had thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world I'd ever heard. That is what made me want to even play the piano in the first place.

My fingers fell in place and seemed to move on their own as the sweet haunting melody filled every inch of space. I forgot how beautiful music was. I wonder why I ever stopped playing. As I closed the last note I heard a soft applause. I quickly spun around to see Zaine standing in the doorway. I opened my mouth, but I still couldn't speak. I didn't need to. "That was very beautiful," He smiled and walked over to me, "it's been awhile since I've heard someone play." I regulated my breathing, "Thank you." He smiled, "You are very beautiful, Lady Rosaline." My breath hitched. "Thank you," I said my voice going softer. He leaned down until our faces were just inches apart. "I look forward to spending some time with you." He whispered and then disappeared without a sound. I sat there completely frozen and then all but melted into the floor. Oh man, that's not what fathers are supposed to do.