Night lights dance in tree top branches
as glasses clink through chinks of silken
gowns worn by wide eyed bridesmaids
sided round the stained floor with the
chided children who asked for more
as the music tinkles softly, softly
and fairy's beams twinkle on
reflecting gleaming off the dreamy
creamy, all flowing and satin and lace
elegant neck decked in pearls
as he grasps her manicured hand
and they take their place
stand strong arm wound round waist,
smile matching smiling face
and with grace they whirl and
twirl upon the wooden tile
the music rises with emotion
her voice riding each note
sublimely in time as he whispers
as would dove feathers in her ears
about the love he embraces for her
how she unites his weary
soul, makes him whole how
meeting her was the single greatest
second in his life, how he is the
happiest he's ever been with his
little wife tonight, the prettiest girl
he's ever seen, beseeching love
at first sight he caresses a curl from
her brown eyes bright and brimming with
delight he tries to warble on beat as
he slowly shuffles his feet the room
fades and their song dies out and
cocooned together the husband
kisses his special lady after their
first dance
as man and wife