The Carnival Of Dead Memories

The cackle of a colourful clown,
The string of inducing fairy lights,
She sits on the little white horse,
The carousel spins and spins,
The slice of silver,
A scarlet river flows out,
Ebbing towards peaceful darkness,
A night that's never to end,
The Ferris wheel keeps just keeps turning,
Behind her mask is jealousy
Her arms a blank canvas to paint with scars,
She doesn't understand the smiles,
The laughter that children spread,
She only knows pain,
Like a best friend,
It follows her wherever she goes,
Crawling out from the back of her mind,
Is the lunacy of a mad girl,
The crazed are all welcome,
A wooden sign claims vacancy,
A prayer to the lost souls,
She's locked in a labyrinth,
It's like a never ending nightmare,
A reality she's still running from,
Her mind is set like stone,
But she's still trying anyway,
A hellish struggle between mind and body,
This wasn't even her choice,
But once you enter you cannot leave,
In The Carnival of Dead Memories.