"Shh, she's waking up!"

I blink. Where am I? Oh jeez, someone turn off that light! It burns!

Wait. I'm supposed to be dead.

"Kara, honey," my mom begins, "do you remember anything? Anything at all?"

I carefully prop myself up on my elbows. Whoa. Am I in a hospital? Huh. I guess I didn't die. Whoo!

"Where am I?"

Dad comes into my line of vision. "You're in the clinic. What do you remember?"

"Uh… I was… There was…whales and they…um…people were looking at them…and I fell…off the cruise ship." They stare at me. "Right?"

"I'm surprised she remembers so much." A guy in a bleach white lab coat strolls in with a clipboard.

"But that's a good thing, right?" Mom warily asks.

"Well, yes, but normally when people drown, they have major brain problems. She is definitely lucky that that boy jumped in after her. If he didn't, she'd surely be dead."

"Wait, what?! Who saved me?!" I highly doubt it was Dustin. I mean, he's not even in the clinic with me! Why would he jump off of a ship just to save me?

"Oh, what was his name?" Mom stomps her foot in frustration.

"It was either Nate or Grayson," Dad concludes.

"It's Nathan," a voice corrects. Nathan suddenly appears.

Oh. My. Gosh. Nathan saved me. Nathan!

"Oh," I casually say, "hey."

"You look better." He nods at me. I just weakly smile.

The doctor and my parents turn away to talk about me. Nathan sits in the stiff chair by my bed.

"So…" Well, what else am I going to say? It's so awkward!

"Did you see the video yet?" Nathan pulls out his iPod Touch.

"What video?"

"Guess not." He quickly goes to YouTube and hands me the device.

Apparently the lady that shoved me to my doom videotaped the catastrophe. It shows me flailing in the water, screaming, and bobbing under the big waves. The whales seem to be watching me in amusement.

Soon after that, the video displays Nathan kicking off his shoes and diving off of the ship. How either of us survived the fall, I don't know. After about a minute, Nathan has my unconscious body in his arms and a life preserver is tossed toward us. We finally get back onto the deck and the screen goes black. I hand Nathan back his iPod.

"Five million hits already," Nathan's voice pulls me out of my daze.

"Dang," is all I can mutter.

At that moment, Mom and Dad reenter the room with the doctor trailing close behind.

"Well, you get some sleep, okay? We're going to go check on Dustin," Mom says. They both give me huge smiles and leave.

I turn back to Nathan. "Why'd you save me?"

The question seems to catch him off guard. "Because…"

"That's not an answer," I playfully respond.

"Get some sleep. I'll tell you when you wake up." I curiously stare at him. "I promise."

"Fine." I roll over and close my eyes. "And thanks. You know, for everything."

I hear Nathan softly say "Glad to help," before drifting off.

Honestly, this vacation hasn't been so bad. Really! I mean, sure, I almost died, but I'm used to these things because I'm a klutz and all, and a super cute boy saved me, so I'm totally fine with it.

My family should go on vacations more often.