By Connor

To be different is to be condemned. To have unique ideals is to be traitorous. To live freely is to be hunted. All of these things represent who I am: The bastard son of an aristocrat who had an affair with a tribal woman - The outsider of the world.

Though I feel the need to seek a place among my fellow man, I also feel disgusted at the thought of joining it's hypocrites, liars and vile populace in existence. Because, though I am the outcast, I am very much my own person. I'm sure that I am not alone in the vastness of mankind, but one can't help but possess a cynical view when they have been shunned by many, if not all, of their own kind.

So…Am I not human?

In my youth, I was spared my life due to the curiosity of the creatures that could've ended it: Wolves. They surrounded me, snarling, and I felt my heart start to beat at an unprecedented rate. 'Is this to be my end?' I thought. 'Is my existence justified so that I could merely become the meal of a predator? My death for their survival?' But alas, they did not attack - They watched.

I slowly sank to my knees, hands clenching the dirt, my teeth gritted, yet the only action these hunters took was, indeed, questionable. One of them approached me, studying the frightened boy before them. And then, the wolf…Sniffed me. First my hair, then my face, and finally it looked at me, awaiting my reaction. I glanced up, astonished, before the rest of the pack decided to take a closer look at the human being that was, without any doubt, at their mercy.

Before long, I was stroking their fur, and they made no moves to attack me. Then, in the distance, a howl resonated through the forest. And with that, they fled, returning to the shadows from whence they came. One of them stopped, stared into my eyes once more, and howled to the moon. Or maybe the howl was for me. I will never know, but one thing is for sure: Those wolves, mere animals, showed me more kindness and respect than any human I had ever encountered.

Perhaps I am a wolf, searching for my pack; Awaiting the day that I may have my own family - Someone to rely on. But until that day, I am a lone wolf, withdrawn from society.

…Until then, I am…Forsaken


I wrote this small story due to boredom, but I actually quite like it. As you could probably gather from this, I love wolves - They are my favourite animals on the planet, with eagles being a close second (Which gives me an idea for a poem!).

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this little piece of literature. If there are any mistakes, let me know and I will try to fix it. After all, it doesn't hurt to be correct.

Review if you wish! Constructive criticism is welcome, but flames will just be ignored.