Author's Note: Hey, hey. This one shot contains spoilers for Hellish Love 2- A name has yet to be created- as well as possible prequel. Who knows. Ah, and perhaps a spoiler to the Hellish Love that has yet to end...

So, as you read, I shall be working on that ending!

Enough of this and onward!

It had been awhile since he had gotten the chance to actually sit down and relax. The water was at a comfortable temperature, a book nearby with the consideration of a certain blue-eyed angel. It was nothing but quiet and it was exactly what Neru needed after a month of nonstop work. It had been putting him on edge and was keeping him away from a certain somebody.

By the time he was ever finished, Ashita would usually be sleeping or away with his own duties of who knows what. The lack of communication tended to be quite irritating in more than a few ways. It was bad enough that the demon had to meet with his own higher ups, but what was even worse was that he couldn't spend time with the greenette.

And it was time he wished for greatly.


Keeping a growl of frustration at the back of his throat, Neru sank lower in the water, watching as his hair splayed out around him. Sometimes he wondered if Ashita got a kick out of making him edgy, what with his choice of words and his body language. Then there was the incident in the office during the middle of very important meeting. The thought of that alone made the man's face flush as he closed his eyes.

"I have a surprise for you but I can't give it to you right now."

Those words played through his mind. They were so innocent; so pure. But that wink. Damn, that wink made the demon's blood boil. He concluded that Ashita may have spent a little too much time with Itami. Keibatsu wasn't much help either. The two of them had probably corrupted the seraph beyond belief though the man wasn't complaining; he found the flirty side of him endearing.

Sinking lower, Neru watched as his tail made tiny ripples in the water. He had more than enough room to move about and tried to figure out why he hadn't managed to get the greenette into the tub with him before. He chewed his lip as his tail submerged itself. He would think of something to change that.

"…but I can't give it to you right now."

"Damn tease," he muttered before slipping under the surface.

Listening to the subtle drips of the water, Neru felt his muscles relaxing. Opening his eyes, he peered through the clear water, watching as white tresses swirled about him. Smile tilting the corners of his mouth, the man then turned his attention to the surface, watching the light refracting with the smallest of his movements. It was peaceful until he groaned mentally.

He had to get Ashita to join him one of these days.

The faintest sound of the door handle twisting open had the demon sliding up so that his eyes were at water level. Seeing the door crack open, Neru sat up completely.

"Ash-oh," he said, scowl marring his once serene features as he stared at Tomo.

He still couldn't believe that he had let the creature live with them but seeing how attached Ashita became to it and it to him, he just couldn't bring himself to tell the greenette no. That no led to the new pet Neru had the honor of staring at as he leaned over the edge of the tub, head propped up in his hand.

"What do you want now?" the demon groused as the runner's tails began to wag about behind it. "Well?" The hound barked twice, tails moving side to side as its tongue poked out from the side of its mouth. "Why couldn't you just go with your owner?"

When the canine cocked its head to the side, ears swiveling, Neru sighed. He knew he wasn't going to get much down time if Tomo was present so he sat up. As he went to stand, he was greeted by a folded towel resting on the dog's back.

"Thank you." The man received a yip. "Now, get out."

Ears flat, the hound scurried off, one of its tails pulling the door shut behind it.

Stepping out onto the marbled floor, Neru secured the towel. Wringing out his hair, he pulled it up into a loose ponytail, only a few stray strands falling into his face and clinging to his skin. Adjusting his towel once more, he drained the tub then walked out into his room.

He stiffened for a moment, still not quite use to the white carpet beneath his feet, before walking over to the white and black bureau stationed by the window. Rummaging through it for a bit, Neru then crossed over to the wardrobe stationed nearby, allowing his towel to fall away once his underwear was in place. The peace of the room, combined with the aftereffects of the bath, had the demon sighing contently, a first in a while, as he continued to go through the lacquered closet.

It was a presence that had him pausing. It seemed to belong to the greenette's pet so he disregarded it as he continued with his previous doings. When the feeling did not pass, Neru sighed heavily, nails digging into the wood.

'Why couldn't you take him along?' he mused bitterly as he pulled out a pair of coal black slacks. "What do you want?" When nothing came, no paws along the floor, no barks, growls or whimpers, the white-haired demon tilted his head not finding any runner. "Can I help you?" Shifting slightly, he raised an eyebrow. "Well, Arian?"

That address was enough to bring the silverette from his musings. In all the years, decades really, that he had known him, Neru had never started using his first name until a few months ago. It still caught him off guard, regardless of how many times he had called Kimura by his first name.

"If you're looking for Tomo, I'm sure he's outside or in the kitchen."

"Oh, um, Tomo was the one that let me in actually," Xan explained, looking elsewhere as the man then began to pull his pants on.

Turning, the man brushed his hair from his face and resumed his search for a decent shirt. "So, why are you here?" Neru asked coolly, still relaxed, despite the interruption.

"Oh, uh…"

The silverette scratched the back of his head, making the other pinch the bridge of his nose. "Is it work related?" He glanced over to see his friend nodding slowly. "Take a seat, Arian," Neru requested jadedly, "and begin."

"Er, right," he said, walking over to the round, polished table sitting a little ways off from where he was currently standing. Once seated, he tapped his fingers along the polished surface before clearing his throat. "This regards the meeting you had a week ago with Mr. Stevens."

"If it's regarding the recent line of disappearances, I already told him I'd look into it."

"He wants to know if you've found any leads."

The white-haired demon pushed the closet door close once he settled upon a black button-down. Slipping it on, he buttoned it up careful before tying a red sash around his waist. He actually hated the thing, but it was a required amongst the men of his status.


"I haven't found anything yet," the demon replied as he took a seat, resting his head in the palm of his hand. "I'll…I'll inform him personally when I acquire anything of actual use."


"I said I'd inform him myself," Neru pressed, glancing at the silverette who had gone rigid prior to looking towards the red curtain covering the window. "Anything else?"

"Uh, no, sir. That was all."

"Very well. You're dismissed."

Rising from his seat, Xan bowed at the waist, as custom, before heading towards the door. Glancing over his shoulder, he noticed the thin troughs in the wooden surface while one of the man's fingers were tapping every so slowly. The way his eyes were narrowed revealed that the demon's mind was elsewhere while a small sigh escaped him.

Work was getting to Neru.

It was that simple.

It was noticeable when he filled out papers. It was obvious in his behavior around the estate. The only time it was ever hidden was amongst the young demon's peers and that was starting to become quite often. He didn't talk much-not that he had done so in the past with the exception of Ashita-and his sleep had also been affected.

"What is it now?" Xan flinched, taking a step back. "Well?" Neru asked as his gaze shifted to take in the sight of the startled silver-haired man. "You were staring."

"No I wasn't."

Golden-green pools slid over to the curtain again. "You were. Is something the matter?"

The blue-eyed demon looked elsewhere. "You seem…stressed."

"Huh, is that so?" Neru questioned, eyebrow arched as he looked at his guest. "I seem stressed to you?" Xan looked down. "What makes you say such a thing?"

The elder of the pair scratched at the back of his head before glancing at the white-haired man that had decided to walk towards his window. Watching as the dark red fabric was moved away from the glass panes, the silverette took a small step forward as he saw the bored and tired look in the window's reflection.

"Maybe you should lie down," he offered, earning a glance over the shoulder. "It's just a suggestion," Xan explained.

Glancing at the large wall clock, Neru sighed again, wishing he had spent a little longer in the welcoming water before turning towards the white door of his bedroom. Watching the long arm tick by, he began to count to five in his head. And before he even reached the last number, the crystal knob turned, allowing the entrance to open.

Stepping aside, Xan watched as a rather curvaceous woman walked in. Like everyone else that worked for Neru, she was indeed dressed in the standard attire of a black and white dress. Unlike most, however, she didn't mind keeping the top three buttons undone to reveal her ample bosom. The end of her dress was hiked up just a bit to her mid-calf, never higher than her knees, and a pair of small and black, high-heeled boots. An arm band marked with silver triquetra adorned the arm that was not covered with a sleeve. An iridescent blue pearl hung from her left ear while another rested on a thin silver chain that rest on her chest. Her eyes were closed from the intensity of her smile, revealing a sharpened canine until both opened to reveal dual pools of deep gold while long, purple hair was pulled up into a ponytail.

"Neru~" she cooed playfully, throwing formalities to the wind, as she wheeled in a small cart, "I brought you a treat."

"Good afternoon to you as well, Sia," the man said, turning to face the window again. "Just put it on the table."

Nodding, the woman walked over, setting a silver platter down and removing the lid to set down a cup of Grey tea. Taking notice of the silverette from the corner of her eye, the maid set down a second cup before setting down two small white plates.

"Will you be joining him as well, Mr. Xan?" the one dubbed Sia asked with a smile in her voice.

"Oh." Blue eyes darted towards the demon standing on the other end of the room before focusing on the attendant. "I was actually about to go."

"I see," she said as she placed a petite confection down on the table. She left the other two as well as forks before giving a curtsey. "Anything else?" she asked, turning her attention to her employer.

"No, that will be all, Sia," Neru stated gaze never leaving the outside view. Nodding, the woman wheeled the cart to the door. "Wait."

The purplette popped up into the doorway, smile in place. "Yes?"

The white-haired man looked over at her. "East Inferna."


"Do me a favor and check it out," Neru said as he walked over to the table. "I have paper work that needs to be completed so I'm sending you in my place." He took a seat, eyeing the snack presented before looking up at the woman. "If trouble happens to ensue, minimal damage. Understood?"


"Good, now, get going."

"Is she going to be alright?" Xan asked once the maid had left the room and the door had been closed. When the other picked up a fork, the silverette shifted in place. "N-"

"Sit." The one standing just raised an eyebrow until golden-green pools met his gaze. "Take a seat, Arian." Said demon complied quickly as an ashen eyebrow arched itself. "Now, you want to know if Sia's going to be alright."

"Uh, yes."

"I'm surprised you show concern," Neru stated, poking at the delicacy before him, "but, yes, she will be fine. She can handle herself in more ways than one." His gaze then drifted off elsewhere, disregarding his guest altogether. "Help yourself."


"For an informant, you're not very insightful at times," the youngest of the pair said with a sigh as he brought up a piece of cake to his mouth. Seeing how the silverette was staring at it, Neru set the utensil down. "Help yourself." He then picked up the cup and sipped from it slowly. "It's not like I'd eat all of this myself anyway," he added as an afterthought once he set the tea down.

To that, Xan dropped his gaze onto the small baked good that had been presented.

The dessert itself was a small one, easily fitting itself upon the small saucer it had been resting on. It was a piece of cake and along the sides of it, chipped pieces of milk chocolate, with a few pieces of cream-colored chocolate as well, rested comfortably around the plate. The little confection itself appeared to be decorated in the same way though the chipped pieces created a jigsaw effect, still pleasing to the eye. The top of two were decorated with a thin, drizzle of icing and placed on top of that was a rather intricately crafted flower of fondant.

Coaxing the item onto his fork, the silverette eyed the dark yellow that stretched from the center of the bloom before it ran off into the cream colored tips. Specks of white interlaced between the colors had the man arching a brow to see if he could spot any flaw yet, despite how hard he tried, he found none.

"Are you going to eat it or just stare at the thing?" Blue eyes looked up from their previous observation to see the white-haired demon bringing the cup back up to take another sip. "Well?"

"Well, are you?" Xan countered before looking away as eyes focused on him.

"I suppose I should," Neru said after setting his cup down.

Picking up his own fork, the one with white hair studied the flower that was placed off to the side of his own confection. It was of the same design, showing that its creator had taken much care in preparing the desserts.

"Are you going to eat it or just stare at the thing?" Cocking his head to the side, Neru stared at the silverette with narrowed eyes. "Well?" the one with silver hair teased before taking a bite.

Rolling his eyes, Neru sliced a piece off with the fork and began eating as his mind drifted off elsewhere. He wasn't much on sweets, hardly bothered with them after a past incident, but he would admit inwardly that he did enjoy the ones that his greenette would make. So, if the piece he was eating was made by Ashita, he would gladly partake in another.

Eating his own, Xan watched as his companion took another bite, attention off in some unknown place. He was a bit surprised to see the white-haired man placid, despite his posture being a bit stiff, and slightly a bit at ease as he ate another piece.

"What?" The silverette blinked then took notice of the golden-green pools looking at him. "You're staring again," Neru stated, setting his fork down.

"I was not."

The younger demon arched an eyebrow before his guest finally looked elsewhere, scowl on his face until he took another bite.

"Why do you keep staring at me?" Neru asked as he trailed his finger along one of the scratches he had made.

"I wasn't-"

"You're doing it now." Icy blue eyes blinked once then twice before seeing another pair glancing up from the scratches. "See?"

"I wasn't," Xan insisted as he ate another forkful of the cake. His gaze then settled upon the man as he heard him chuckle. Seeing that he was leaning across the table, the silverette slid back in his seat, watching the other demon carefully. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing," Neru stated, leaning in a bit closer before sitting down altogether. He then returned to eating the rest of his cake. "You're staring again."

"And whose fault is that?" the silverette snapped, looking down to glare at his cake. He then bristled when he heard his host chuckle again. "What's so funny?"


Glowering, Xan finished the rest of his cake and glanced over towards the serving platter to see another cake. There were two but seeing only one still present, he looked across the table to see Neru already placing the second, small delight upon his plate before eyeing the fondant flower.

Shifting his gaze to stare at the other flower that had topped his treat, Xan pulled off one of the petals and popped it in his mouth. A small smile crossed his face as he felt the decoration melt on his tongue. Devouring the rest of the bloom, petal by carefully detailed petal, the silverette allowed his eyes to slide close, enjoying the heavenly taste that seemed to relax his entire body.

The sound of a cup being set down had him opening his eyes open once again to see that his friend was already enjoying his second treat.

"Stop staring at me," the white-haired demon said, coaxing part of his own sugary blossom into his mouth, "and just eat the last one. I know you want to."

Averting his eyes, the older man set his sights upon the remaining cake. Since the other seemingly had no interest in the dessert, Xan placed it on his own plate to inspect. He already knew Neru would say something so he made quick work of his assessment before bringing a piece of it to his mouth.

The cake was the same really, save the missing flower and thin drizzle on top. The crackled bits of chocolate were still nice to look at though, as the man sliced another piece, his eyes focused on the cream-colored chocolate seeping onto the white dish.


Looking up, the silverette watched as the white-haired demon placed his fork onto the table. Golden-green eyes were trained on the beige cream pooling onto his plate. And as if the man wasn't even being watched, he placed two figures into the sugary sauce then brought them up to his mouth to lick clean.

Watching the display for a bit longer, Xan finally looked down, staring at the rest of his cake that was left before picking up the now cool tea that had been left out for him from when Sia had been present. Taking a sip from his own cup, he set it down soon after, feeling a bit better as the liquid slid down his throat. Keeping his eyes focused on the tabletop, the silverette kept his hands wrapped around the glass.

He felt hot for some reason and he wasn't entirely sure why.

Glancing up to see what Neru was doing, Xan tilted his head at a slight angle. Blue eyes regarded the quiet, serene look that graced the other's face. Golden-green eyes had closed themselves while the corner of their owner's mouth appeared to tilt up to form the slightest of smiles. The way stray, white tresses fell in front of his face, giving him a peaceful, almost innocent air, made it rather hard to believe that the one before him was even capable of running the Inferna's task force, police force as well as being one of the realm's most feared interrogators.

"You're staring…"

Dark, golden-green eyes cracked open, shifting to stare at the hand that was inches from his face. Once the hand pulled away quickly, the man then looked towards the silverette that had become flustered. Chuckling again, Neru resumed with the consumption of the cake, dipping a finger into the cream every now and then just to lick it clean once more.

His face was still placid as he did so and Xan concluded that that sinful tongue of his was better off in his mouth than flicking lazily over the demon's digits.

"Neru…" Said person stopped in the middle of what he had been doing, tongue still poked out to lick the chocolate coating his fingertip. When he raised an eyebrow, tongue withdrawing itself, the silverette groaned mentally, feeling a spike in heat all over again. "…never mind," he said before drinking his cold tea.

"Are you ok?" Neru questioned.

"W-why do you ask?" Xan replied.

The man kept his head at angle before returning to the cake that was left on his plate. "You're face is pink." Dark eyes then glanced up impishly. "It almost seems like you're blushing."

Looking back down at his own dessert, the silverette poked at the cream before bringing it up to his mouth. Seeing how Neru went back to eating, Xan eyed the pale colored chocolate on his fingertips. Its light yet sweet scent wafted up to his nose and had him quirking a brow.

He had smelled something like this before in the past yet he couldn't quite place where he had encountered it before. With that in mind, he wiped his finger with the napkin then his mouth prior to pushing the plate aside. He still felt hot but after drinking the rest of his tea he did feel better; warm but better.

The sound of a silver fork hitting the small dish soon had eyes of ice looking up to see that white-haired man was also looking elsewhere. What really caught the Xan's eye was the light blush that had began to dart across the man's olive skin, tinting his cheeks and the bridge of his nose in a faint red. Even more, the loose strand of white hair had begun to cling to his cheeks and forehead, giving him an almost feverish appearance.

"Uh, Neru…?"

Xan couldn't help the chill that crept down his spine as darkened eyes focused on him. They weren't black, showing any irritation or indifference, yet they were of a cloudy golden-green, almost resembling jade. And when the younger demon went to speak, hardly any words came out besides a few small pants.

"Are you ok?"

The silverette received a small nod after a bit of hesitation. It was odd to see the man of cool acting quite differently and just after eating a bit of…

Dropping his gaze towards the cake he had left uneaten, Xan then glanced at the empty plate sitting in front of Neru. Looking back up at the man, the silver-haired demon watched as the younger one licked away the remnants of cream that was still there.


The aforementioned stopped his ministrations to look at the one who had called him. When he did, the other sank back into his seat, leaving him to go back to his previous doings.

It had to be a sin the way the demon's tongue managed to curl around his sugar coated digit. It had to be a transgression to have sharp eyes hazed with an inconceivable amount of emotion varying from childishness, something Xan had seen once in the past, to what almost looked like lust. Furthermore, he never quite noticed until now how long the man's eyelashes were something else he remembered from the past.

'Guess some things don't change,' the silverette mused as a smile crept onto his face.

He snapped from his thoughts as soon as he heard a soft sigh. Apparently the younger man had not quite finished devouring the chocolaty evidence left on the plate and appeared to be determined enough to do so as he rested his head along the tabletop.


Said person peeked up from behind his hair, finger in his mouth, leaving Xan to focus on his leftovers. He had nothing better to do and he concluded that if he kept watching his associate, he'd probably snap. With that thought, he watched as the remaining chocolate leak from the baked good. Its scent greeted his senses once more and had him placing a finger into the substance to bring it up to his mouth.

'What is this?' Xan pondered once he pressed the digit to his tongue.

Heat spiked down through his body and had him withdrawing his finger, mind feeling a bit fuzzy. Seeing the blissful look creeping along his counterpart's face, the blue-eyed demon started to felt a small knot in his stomach. The quiet pants echoing through the still room wasn't really helping either.



Jade colored eyes slid open to focus on the flushed man sitting across from him. "What's the time?" Neru murmured.

The light blush that already colored Xan's face darkened as his friend's husky voice touched his ears. "It's…it's, uh…" He glanced at the wall clock. "A quarter to five."

Picking up his head, Neru sat up, pulling his hair from its band. Rising to his feet, he ran a hand through his hair, brushing aside the strands stubborn enough to cling to his flushed skin before crossing the large room. He made a stop by a smaller table and went through a drawer, pulling out a few papers prior to heading towards his bed. It was when he stopped to kneel down did Xan get up.

"Are you ok?" he asked once he was at level with the other man. He then looked towards the papers that had been left askew upon the plush white carpeting. "What's all this?"

"C-case files," the other panted, gaining the informant's attention quickly, "and c-court d-dates."

"Should I call someone?" Xan questioned.

"No." Collecting his work, the younger man got back onto his feet and walked towards his bed. "I…I still have to finish this work."

Watching the other's slow pace, tail twitching occasionally, Xan got up to assist if necessary though he couldn't stop himself from glancing at the dessert he hadn't finished. He actually wanted to eat it but, when the filling's scent caught his nose, he turned it down.

'What was in that cake?'

It was at the tip of his tongue yet he couldn't place the name or the properties of it. He knew it to be rare in Hell so he concluded that it was obtained from an outside source though he found it hard to believe that the desserts were made by a chef in the manor.

A series of pants had the silverette looking to see the white-haired man tottering. Hurrying over, he propped the man up as he began to sink down, papers scattering across the carpet. Angling his head, Xan couldn't see Neru's face behind the long, snowy tresses.

"Neru?" He didn't get a reaction. "K-Kimura?" He received a chuckle. "What's so funny?" he groused, hiding his previous dread.

"You were worried," Neru commented. "Why's that?"

Rolling his eyes, the silverette shrugged his friend off, letting him drop to the floor. "I was worried that Mr. Stevens would have a fit if you couldn't do your job."

'Work…' Sighing heavily, the younger demon stared at the carpeting. "Right, my job," he stated, pulling himself onto his feet once more. "Work, work, work…"

Passing by the blue-eyed man, Neru continued to head towards the other end of the room, feeling a bit bothered as he did so. Then a faint scent caught his attention. Even more, it seemed to be coming from his guest.

"Are…you wearing something?"

"Excuse me?" Xan questioned, eyebrow arched.

Sniffing in his direction, the white-haired man made his way over slowly, taking heed of the blue eyes following him carefully. When he approached, he grasped the folds of the silverette's white shirt to keep him from retreating any further.

'What the heck…' The informer went rigid as the man leaned in sniffing him again. He wasn't that surprised the first time the man did this, though it was years ago, and the second time had been more subtle. "N-Neru?"

The one called looked up, eyes lidded as he reached up to grab a few strands of silvery hair. A faint smile flitted across his face after he took another whiff. "It…it smells nice." Sliding his hand up, he stopped once it touched the warm cheek of his acquaintance. "You…you smell nice."

Staring at him a bit longer, Xan pulled the demon's hand away before pressing a hand to his face. The blush that had once tinted Neru's cheeks had darkened while a thin sheen of sweat was visible in the provided lighting of the room. In addition, his face warm, hot even.

"Neru-" He paused as the man rested his head on his shoulder, taking in another nose full of the silverette's scent. "-uh, y-you have work to do." He wiggled a bit, trying to pull the man away, though the one with white hair held fast, growling under his breath until the other stopped. "I'll walk you over to your bed."

Xan didn't need words for the approval. Feeling the other simply rub his cheek against the crook of his neck was enough. He really couldn't picture the man ever being this affectionate. Sure, Neru had been a bit more easy going as a youth, once he was used to the individual, yet this was getting to be just a bit more than expected.

That and he couldn't deny the unmistakable heat that was radiating off the man clinging to him.

"I'm going to set you down now," the blue-eyed man stated as he pried the other's hands from his shirt. And once Neru had been seated, he walked back over to collect his papers before returning to hand them over. "Here."

Staring at the forms, the one with golden-green eyes grasped the ends of them though his other hand went up to grab his wrist. When the silverette went to pull away, Neru simply tightened his hold until the other stopped trying to pull away altogether. Taking that as a good sign, the younger man pulled his friend forward, disregarding the papers that had scattered.


The demon laughed quietly as he stared up at the flushed demon practically straddling his waist, hands at either side of his head. A bit of panic and surprise laced the icy eyes staring down while the glow upon the silverette's face darkened to a brighter red.

Flustered beyond compare, Xan watched as a hand reached up to caress his red cheek while another moved down to tug at his collar. Moving his own hand, the silver-haired demon moved the one that had settled upon the straight, white hair splayed across the silken, black sheets that covered the bed. A rather flirty smile then crossed the face of the one on his back.

It faltered soon after as Neru furrowed his brow. "Something's off."


Tugging at the silverette's sleeves, the young man laughed to himself as he rolled them over, pinning the other on his back. Lust-ridden eyes then locked onto the man below, both shrouded by the curtain of snowy tresses as Neru leaned down.

"Neru-" A quick kiss had the man's lips coming to a stop. A roll of hips had him biting his lip to hold in a groan. 'Damn, what was in that cake?' Trying to get up, he stopped when a hand cupped his face. "H-hold-"

Another kiss had blue eyes sliding close while a tongue slid across his bottom lip. The initial surprise led to a small gasp, which, in turn, allowed Neru's sinful blue tongue entrance and it wasted no time in seeking dominance.

Dominance that the other was not going to give up that easily.

A low growl escaped the one from above when the one below bit down on his tongue, drawing a bit of blood. Pulling away, Neru stared down at the man, running his bitten tongue along his bottom lip. When he went to growl again, Xan leaned up, sealing his mouth over the other to coax that devilish blue tongue into another wicked dance.

"Oh, Neru~"

Said man sat up, peeking through the long strands of hair to pin the purplette standing in the doorway.

Hell, they didn't even hear the thing open.

"What?" he groused, brushing his hair aside. "And it better be good, Sia." Gold eyes darted between the two on the bed before falling to one knee, head down. "Well?"

"I was just coming to say that I was heading off now and that I'll be taking a few others along with me."

"Anything else?" the white-haired man asked irritably, a groan underlining his words as the blue-eyed man shifted. "Well?"

"No, sir." Rising to her feet, a slight blush hidden within the shadows of violet hair, the woman bowed at the waist. "I'll give a report when I return," Sia said, before turning on her heels, closing the door and hurrying away.

Clouded eyes then went back to staring at the embarrassed demon below him, a wicked smile on his face before his bitten, blue tongue slid along his bottom lip. "Now, where were we?" he asked in a manner that would have left Satan begging.

Before the other could even protest, Neru had already quieted him effectively with mouth while hands tugged at the white shirt present. Everything was fine until one of the buttons popped off and that was when the silverette pushed the other away, only a thin string of saliva connecting the two of them.

"What?" Neru hissed, face still flushed yet voice creeping towards irritability.

"Unlike you, I don't live here."

"Your point?"

"You can't go ripping off my clothes!" Xan countered, pushing the other off and away.

Kneeling in place, Neru scowled, eyes never losing their haze as his hair hung in his face. His breaths were still heavy and his tail flicked about in its own jerky way as the silverette sat up inspecting his own shirt.

"Arian~" the demon cooed as he crawled over. "I want-"

A hand to his forehead, accompanied with a strong enough push, had the man down on his back again. A growl did nothing to deter the silver-haired man that then sat on the other's lap, smirking as he watched the demon's face.

The owner of the manor did not seem pleased that he had been pinned, yet alone denied, and a teasing roll against his hips wasn't helping much either.



"Let me up," Neru said.


"What do you mean 'no'?"

"Exactly as it sounds," Xan countered, toying with the area he had lost a button, "unless we do this my way."

"When Hell freezes ov-ov-"

The remainder of the sentence died when the one on top shifted to get more comfortable. "Are you sure?" he asked, purposely moving about to listen to the sharp inhale it got him.

"Go f-ah~"

It shouldn't have been that hard to insult the man trying his patience but damn it. It was impossible to even form a decent thought with the demon moving about and in all the wrong, yet right, places. It was only succeeding in making the man more bothered than what he already was.

He felt like he was on fire already but when a warm hand touched his cheek, Neru could have concluded that had been dipped in the pits. His clothes felt like they were stifling him and he soon longed to get them off. The tight coil in his stomach had him groaning quietly, almost whining to himself, as Xan played with the first black button of his shirt.

He could tell him no. It was at the tip of his tongue. He didn't follow orders anymore.

Damn it. Who was he kidding anyone? He was back in this place to listen to someone. He had in the past and no matter how much he loathed it, he was going to listen to someone else once more.

So what if it was just one time?

It was just Xan after all.

"Well?" the silverette asked in his ear as he slid his hand through the splayed out hair. "Will you comply?" He smirked, licking the shell of the man's ear, earning a shudder. "Or shall I go for you to continue your work?"

When the man didn't answer Xan sat up, fixing his shirt to make it more presentable. Getting off the one he had pinned, he collected the papers that had fell and sat them on the pillow before heading towards the door.

"Mr. Stevens will be expecting an update in a few days," the man said, opening the door. "I'll be back th-"

The door closed with a click and blue eyes followed the hand that had pressed it shut. Following the appendage back to its owner, Xan stared at the shaky form that was panting as if he had just run a marathon. When dark eyes locked onto the lighter pair, the silverette backed into the door before the other male managed to steal a heated kiss.

"N-no working," Neru panted once the two of them parted.

"So, my way?" the silver-haired man asked.

Grabbing the folds of the other's shirt, Neru lowered his head to hide in the shadows of hair. Hearing the question again, the man led his guest back towards the rounded bed and took a seat, leaning back onto his elbows. Seeing that the other had made no move to join, the younger of the two crooked a finger to beckon the other closer.

"Arian," he murmured, chewing his lower lip. Even through his clouded mind, he couldn't believe what was about to fall from his mouth. "Please?"

"Very well," Xan said, leaning down for another kiss.

He would admit that he was a bit surprised when hands snaked through his silvery hair to take purchase on his shoulders. A tug had him falling forward though his startled gasp was muffled by the other. Feeling Neru shift, Xan parted to stare at cloudy eyes while the hands on his shoulders left their posts to rest along his collar.

"Arian," the jade-eyed man drawled, tugging on the shirt, "take it off." He pulled again to emphasize his want. "Now."


"No?" Neru parroted, gaining a sly smile. "What do you mean 'no'?" he growled, sitting up. "Take. It. Off."

"If you're that eager, you can take it off yourself-" One hand held onto the shirt, ready to rip it off before being swatted away. "-without shredding it," Xan stated.

Rubbing the back of his hand, the other demon bared his teeth in annoyance before eyeing the buttons remaining. Looking up to blue eyes watching intently, Neru reached out slowly and undid one button. His nose picked up on the intoxicating smell he had linked to the silverette and leaned in giving him another kiss as his fingers continued to unbutton the man's shirt.

When he finished, Xan pulled away, grasping his friend's chin between his forefinger and thumb. "See? That wasn't too hard now was it?" He received a small snarl which was silenced by a quick kiss. "Now, take care of your own clothes."

Pulling away, Neru placed his hands in his lap. He wanted to rid himself of his clothes, he really did, but he wasn't exactly planning on having to do that himself. The silverette was sitting right there after all.


"Ah, ah, ah," came the reply. "Do it yourself."

Glowering, the man undid his sash and tossed it to the side. He undid his buttons, obviously caring for his own clothes, before setting his shirt aside. He paused at his waistline, face darkening, as the silverette tilted his head. The coil in his stomach was tight yet he couldn't bring himself to pull his pants off with the other watching.


"What?" Xan asked with a chuckle as Neru lowered his head.

"T-turn around."

A smile crossed his face as he watched the flustered man before him. "Fine," he said, turning his head to stare at the wall. Glancing at his guest, Neru then returned to undoing his pants. "Oh, and don't forget your underwear."

Pulling the first layer of clothing off, as well as tossing them to the floor, the youngest of the two complied with the latest order before putting his hands in his lap, fingers curled to form tight fists, while he tail wrapped around his waist.

"Neru…" Xan drawled, watching as the one called went rigid, shoulders hunched over. "Don't tell me you're shy now."


Blue eyes noted the blush that had managed to work its way down the rest of the man's body and he hadn't even touched him yet. The light sheen that had coated him was clearly seen as well as the few scratches that Xan concluded came from the greenette that had gone to who knows where. In addition to that, the faintest scent of arousal caught his attention.

"And what's this?" the silverette asked, leaning over to tilt his host's head up. "I haven't even done anything yet."

Golden-green eyes slid over to regard the other demon, keeping his hands firmly in place when he felt Xan's other hand trying to coax them away. It was bad enough that they were so warm but, then again, it was nothing compared to the pair of lips that had slid over his.

"Better," Arian chuckled, leaving a bewildered and still flustered Neru after the two separated. Glancing down, the white-haired man saw that his hands were pulled out of the way. Finding a bit of humility, he went to cover up again though the other's hand kept his at bay. "Ah, ah, ah," the one with blue eyes scolded softly.

Squeezing his eyes shut, the younger man wished that bed would just swallow him up at this point.

'Damn, why is it so hot?' he thought. A tiny sliver of sense made him feel a bit humiliated, a feeling he had thought he had buried after he had escaped servitude years ago. 'Maybe-'

His eyes snapped open to see the Xan's tongue at the tip of his erection, icy blue eyes looking up at him. A smile crossed the silverette's face as he lowered his gaze, head bobbing at a steady speed to extract a moan. At the sound desired, he glanced up to see Neru biting down on a knuckle, eyes elsewhere.

Letting go with a small 'pop', the older demon focused on the blushing length in front of him. "Don't be shy to be heard," he cooed, wrapping his fingers along the heated skin. "If it feels nice, I'd like to hear the sounds you'd make."

Neru lowered his hand for a moment before bring it up to bite on as Xan continued his previous doings. The way he managed to wrap his tongue around it was bad enough but him relaxing his jaw and swallowing had the younger demon's toes curling.

Glancing up, Xan hummed his content as he watched the panting man sitting before him. He allowed another smile to cross his face as he heard a poorly stifled moan. Looking back down, he brought his hands up to tend to the areas he could not reach effectively, gaining another pleasing sound from the official. He ignored the hand snaking through his hair and he enjoyed the unrestrained sound that spilled from the clearly uncovered mouth. It was almost like music though when hands pressed against his head, forcing it down further than comfortably possible, Xan sat up, rubbing his throat at he stared at Neru.

"No hands," he stated, reaching down to collect the black shirt along the snow colored-carpet.

Closing his legs, hands trying to reserve some modesty though it was long gone, Neru watched as his companion circled around before kneeling down behind him, pulling one of his arms away as he did so. Anxiety made itself known along the flushed olive face of the younger man as he looked over his shoulder, trying to figure out what the man had planned on doing.

Feeling his other arm get pulled behind his back, the jade-eyed demon kept down a low growl as he felt his wrists being bound back.

"Better," Xan said, placing a kiss to the side of the other's neck. He then circled back, smile still in place as he watched contempt flash along the otherwise willing face. "Relax. I'll let you go." He leaned forward. "Eventually."

"You d-d-ah~"

The silverette's sinful mouth managed to quiet any coherent sentence that other had tried to come up with. Thoughts were slipping from him though the one pertaining to where the blue-eyed demon had learned such a skill remained almost at the forefront of his mind.

Heat pooling in his gut then brought Neru's attention back to the blush tinting the other demon's. He'd admit that it was actually cute with the way his slightly muffed hair hung in front of his face. It was nice but it was still obscuring the view that could have been better. Wiggling, he groaned, which wound up turning into louder sound as Xan nudged him onto his back.

With better access, the man went back to work, tongue savoring the rather sweet flavor of cake on the erection he had been sliding in and out of his mouth. He guessed the taste came from when the younger demon had been covering his lap though he wasn't complaining. He had his own heat to take care of after all. His eyes that had been closed then snapped open as the one below decided to buck upward, his finish imminent. And when the action occurred again, Xan placed his hands down on the other's hips and held him down before continuing.

Neru wasn't a fan of being retrained but he didn't care when the one servicing him gave an exceptionally hard suck. The sound extruded was almost like music and had the older man pulling away to watch the younger one catch his breath.

Sitting up proved to be almost difficult with his body feeling drained yet he still felt quite hot. Raising his head up, jade pools stared at the three fingers presented before looking up at the icy ones.


Parting his lips, Neru allowed each digit to enter slowly. He was a bit more confident during this part compared to when in Hawton.

Paying attention to Ashita's ministration actually paid off and, as much as he didn't care for sweets like Xan, Neru took pleasure in the chocolate taste that still clung to the other's fingers. He hardly registered the dip in the bed until the digits withdrew, almost resulting in a whine.

"It's ok," Xan said reassuringly, smile tilting his lips up before he leaned down to give the other a kiss.

Tasting the confection on the other man, Neru leaned up, enjoying the taste. Everything was fine, especially the hand that went back to of stimulating his half erect length. He didn't bother to suppress his sounds as a tongue slid along his lip, entering soon enough to map out every crevice in his mouth.

Everything was fine until he felt something poking at his backside. It then hit him that his lower half wasn't even resting along the silken sheets anymore. And by the time than donned on him, a finger slipping past a tight ring of muscle had his eyes snapping open.

The once blissful almost lust-laden features twisted into a snarl as jades pinned the other with a cold stare.


"Hmm?" said person hummed, moving his finger to and fro, watching as the man squeezed his eyes shut.

"P-pull out," Neru stammered angrily. His eyes slid open to glare at the one adding another finger. "Now!"

"And what happened to doing this my way?" the silver-haired demon asked as his fingers moved slowly, separating on occasion.

Seeing the younger demon writhe around, hair covering most of his pained features, Xan pulled his fingers out, watching as Neru shivered.

Heavy pants were the only thing that filled the room. The older male just sat by, hands rubbing soothing circles on the other's thighs to get him to calm down just a bit.


Said person kept facing the other way, face hidden in the shadows. His body was still hot. The sweat, labored gasps, the noticeable scent of arousal, paired with his flushed appearance, was all a giveaway yet the demon made no attempt of moving.

He couldn't even manage a growl when the other placed a hand to his cheek.

"I…I c-can't bottom…" Xan's own ears twitched at the words. "…n-not again…"


"N-not again," he pressed, burying his face into the sheets.

"N-not again."

Blue pools focused on the man's rising and falling of his chest before sliding his hand beneath the demon's chin to tilt it towards him. Dark eyes slid open before darting away, leaving the other to chew his lower lip.

How could he forget about that?

It was so long ago but Xan was sure it gnawed at the man's mind at some point in time.

"Kimura," the silverette murmured, "that won't happen, alright?"


"I told you that the last time," he stated, leaning down to place a kiss on the man's brow, quieting him. "Just relax." He watched the youngest of the pair's face before sliding in one finger, feeling the one below going tense. "Relax," he whispered in his ear, waiting a moment to add a second. "It'll be ok." Xan watched as his current bedmate, kept his eyes shut, panting as he did so, before slowly adding the third. "See?"

Neru cracked his eyes open to see the silverette smiling. He held in a small moan when all three digits moved slowly, brushing against his prostate in the process. Breath hitching, his bound hands clutched at the sheets beneath him, trying to find something to hold onto until the fingers finally pulled out.

"Neru," Xan said, leaning forward. "Hey." The man opened his eyes again. "That wasn't so bad, right?" he asked, rubbing calming circles along the man's sides

The one with white hair opened his mouth to speak though he was allowed no such thing as the other gave a kiss. He didn't mind it though. It was kind of nice and seemed to sate, just barely, the almost unbearable heat that he was experiencing.

The kisses were ok yet he needed something else.


Fingers curled, as well as toes, jade pools widened, almost watering, as their owner felt the silverette come to a complete stop. Chest heaving, the young demon chewed on his lip until bled.

He thought he could actually escape this pain if he bit his lip harder.

"Relax," Xan whispered, biting his lower lip. "I'll wait so, just relax." To help, he ran a hand through the sweat-dampened hair before moving to cup the man's flushed face. He did this for a few minutes before shifting, listening to a groan. "N-"


Nodding, the silverette did as told.

He didn't blame the man though he never thought eating cake would leave the man so vulnerable. He had seen him like this before, the first time being when the pair was reacquainted at a gathering, and not on the greatest of terms.


The shaking, husky tone then brought the silver-haired demon from his thoughts to see Neru's glazed eyes focusing on him.

"Ok?" The man nodded slowly, hesitant. "Alright," Xan said, placing his hands along the other's hip. "Just relax," he added as he eased forward.

Neru nodded although it did nothing to keep him from arching of the bed. His nails clawed at the sheets when his guest began to withdraw before a hiss escaped him when the silverette snapped his hips forward. It still hurt and from the sudden stop, he knew that Xan was aware of it.

"Still, hmm?" The one on his back looked away. "Move when you're ready then."

Chewing his lip again, the officer stopped when a tongue laved over his bleeding appendage, making him look up to see partially lust clouded eyes staring back. And despite their current positions, the one on top had not made any attempts to move his lower half, patience thinning albeit.

Knowing that feeling of not being able to move until given permission, Neru tried to relax. Finding some resolve, he rolled his hips, listening to the startled yet pleased gasp that fell from the other's mouth. Liking that reaction, Neru repeated his action until hands stilled him.


"Hmm?" the once with blue eyes asked. "What was that?"

"You…you c-can move," the jade-eyed demon stammered, pressing back into the other's lap.

With a small smile tilting his mouth up, Xan proceeded, listening for the slightest sounds of discomfort. He heard a few though he kept going since Neru kept narrowing his eyes every time he tried to stop. Then it didn't take long for the one on his back to start moaning. His expressions were a sight in itself and simply told the silverette all was well.

A sharp inhale alerted him that he had found the other's sweet spot once more.


The one called cracked his eyes open to half-mast, lips parted to speak though nothing but heavy pants and small moans escaped. A seductive smile crept onto his already appealing face while his tongue poked out to slide along his lip.

Seeing that, Xan pulled the younger man onto his lap before leaning up against the headboard. He didn't have to move much, due to Neru's dominant side coming through, and simply smiled as the man's blue tongue crept into his mouth. He moved his own hips though his arms hung uselessly behind him.


With a teasing roll of the hips, the silverette reached down, listening to the change in breath from the one on top, and took hold of the demon's neglected member. Slowly moving his hand, he then timed it to match that of the man's. He continued even after the man had tightened around him.


"Go ahead," the older of the two breathed before the other gave him a kiss.

The would-have-been-loud moan was swallowed down by Xan while his own hips moved to make up for the other's halt. From the way Neru hand clenched around him, it only took a few more thrust until he too had finished, listening to the contented sounds of the sated demon.

Pulling the white-haired man from his lap, Xan set him down on the sheets before noticing the white fluids staining the black sheets. Tapping a finger to his chin, the blue-eyed demon walked over to the en-suite bathroom. He came back with two towels and proceeded in cleaning up the mess left on the bed then Neru.


Said person slid his gaze upward to see a slight smile upon the man's face. His eyes were still dark though they were closing. A soft sigh then signaled that the younger demon had fallen asleep so Xan went back to his doings of straightening up before cleaning himself up.

Tossing the soiled towels aside, the silverette knelt down beside the other and undid the shirt that bound his arms back in the first place, Neru's eyes slid open to this yet, too drained of energy, he closed them once more.

Smiling at that, the one with silvery hair lay him underneath the clean sheets, yawning himself as the younger man shifted. Glancing over at the clock, he concluded a nap wouldn't hurt.

Footsteps running down the hall had then silverette opening his eyes to stare up at the vaulted ceiling. Scrubbing a hand across his eyes, he yawned before looking over at the clock to see that it had definitely been a little more than an hour. Sounds outside the entrance had him looking over at the door just as it was opening.

A wide, sapphire eye stared at the one sitting up in bed, his tan face bright red from embarrassment.

"S-sorry," the greenette stammered, covering his eye as the half naked man shifted.

Looking over his own form, Xan then covered himself up, his own face tinting a shade darker once he realized he still had no pants on. Grabbing them from off the floor, he slid them on quickly though he couldn't help but glance at the leftover dessert that had been left on the plate. When he started to button his shirt, he noticed the lone eye peeking through emerald strands.

"Hey, Ash."

"Yes?" the other squeaked, looking away quickly. "Uh, do you know where that cake came from?"

"Cake?" The demon signaled him to look over at the leftover cake on the table. "So it was you that ate my cake!"


"I needed that for a client!" Ashita hissed. "That took forever to make!"

"Yeah…again, sorry for that," the silverette said, glancing back at the one who had yet to wake up. "So, about that cake…"

"What about it?" the blue-eyed teen snapped, actually making the demon flinch.

"W-what was in it?"

"Basics," he replied. "You know, eggs, flour, chocolates, cream…" Xan nodded, guessing that much. "…ambrosia, fond-"

"Wait, wait, wait. Repeat the last thing."


"Before that," the blue-eyed demon said.


"That's it!" Xan shouted.

His hand then clamped over his mouth once he realized exactly what he and Neru had ingested. It had been a long time ago since he had last encountered it and, even then, it was out of curiosity.

"What's it?" Ashita questioned, eyebrow raised as he folded his arms.

The man's face turned beet red.

Ambrosia was hard to come by in Inferna; Hell for that matter. Its properties were highly sought after due to the simple fact that it was a rather potent-

"Well?" the greenette asked impatiently.

"D-do you know w-what that stuff is?"

"Ambrosia?" The man nodded, still quite red in the face. "It's a sweetener."

Xan shook his head, looking down at his hands as if they were going to save him. "Not here," he muttered.


"Uh…um, Ambrosia isn't a sweetener here, Ash." The silverette tensed as he felt the one behind him shift. "It's…a…um-"

"A what?"

Icy blue eyes slid up to regard the curious yet aggravated stare coming from the one in the doorway. "It's…an aphrodisiac."

The lone, visible eye of the greenette widened dramatically before narrowing once more. "You're joking." The demon looked away. "Tell me you're joking."


Pinching the bridge of his nose, Ashita took a deep breath. "You ate my cake knowing it had an aphrodisiac in it?"

"Uh, I kinda' wasn't the only one," Xan said, laughing nervously as he rubbed the back of his neck. "And to be fair, I wasn't entirely sure what it was."

"Who else ate the cake?"


A low groan had the angel taking a step forward. "Damn it, my backside is killing me. How the hell does Ashita deal with this?"

The sapphire slid over to pin the silverette with a glare. "You didn't."

The man laughed nervously while the other one managed to sit up in bed, rubbing his arms lazily as he yawned.


Said person turned his head, wiping the sleep from his eyes before allowing his hand to fall to his side. His face flushed instantly when he saw the greenette staring back, shock being evident as well as fury. From the intensity of how tight the teen had clenched his hands, Neru scrubbed his hands over his face, hoping to disappear altogether.

He had been topped and by Xan.

Furthermore, Ashita had came back.

"So, how was it?" the greenette asked bitterly, sliding a hand into his pocket.

"How was it?" the silverette repeated.

"Don't…" Neru whispered, tensing at the possibilities. "Don't answer that." He sent the one in bed a warning look before hiding his face once more. 'It's a trap. Don't answer it!'

"The sex?" Xan questioned, not too ashamed to really answer, as boastful smile crept onto his smile. Hell, the angel did ask after all. "It was very enjoyable and-"

Hearing something strike the headboard beside him, he turned his head to see a white-bladed dagger lodged in the wood. Feeling something warm running down his cheek, he placed his fingers to it, pulling them away to observe the thin line of blood coating them. He then looked up at the sound of the door slamming shut, the teen walking forward.

"I meant the cake!" Ashita snapped, holding the second between his fingers, as his presence radiated death.

Outside the door stood the pair of shadows.

"Hey, Keibatsu?"

The one called looked to his left to regard the pink-haired youth that had spoken to him. "What is it, Itami?"

The other shadow looked to his right to stare at the raven. "Do…do you think we should at least help them?"

Both listened to something being broken as well as a few threats. "Do you really want to get in the middle of that?" Kei countered.

"No…no, not really."

The of two them regarded the close door again. "Hey, Ita?"

They listened to something else, perhaps glass, being broken before a dagger broke through the door, striking the raven in the forehead.

"Yeah?" the pinkette replied, watching as his counterpart pulled the blade out, tossing it aside.

"Want to go get some cake?"

"Oh, yes!" he replied. "I saw some in the kitchen!"

Glancing at the door again once it grew quiet, the pair walked down the hall, hands in their pockets as they past by a few of the staff that had gathered due to the commotion.

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