I had a really weird dream that inspired me to start writing this. It doesn't revolve around romance, before you grown in annoyance, because none of my dreams do. Though I must admit now that romance will enter the plot, it's just how it goes, whether or not its with the main character, based off of me, is yet to be known. So Enjoy and R & R because I love hearing your feedback.

The Apocalypse, something that people on the corners of the street where I lived would always shout about. Repent, they would say, the end is nigh. Being the young teenager I was, I would just blow it off and only think of it in the stillness of night as the lights around me turned off at the flick of the switch. Of course, the main reason why I didn't want to believe in the end of the world coming so soon is because I was so young. It didn't seem fair to me that the world could come to an end before I even graduated high school. Now that I was witnessing it, parts of me only wished to vanish like dust in the wind. One day I was walking into my high school, chatting with friends like there was no tomorrow. Little did I know, there might not be for some people. The entire process of us going from peaceful high school students to armed survivors is still a blurry one inside my head. Along the way, I had taken a wicked swing to the head and fell down a staircase. Having the great friends I have, I awoke in a swampy grassland next to a machete.

A groan left my lips as I reached up to softly prod the bandage wrapped around my forehead like a bandanna. Speaking of bandannas, I reached over into a beat up dresser that we had managed to scavenge on one of our trips into town. Our team's housing was at the moment a wooden platform with the frame for walls and a roof that we were working on. Inside the top drawer of my small ancient-looking dresser was my favorite bandannas. As usual, I grabbed for a random one and shut the drawer. It seemed to argue with me as the wood slid into place. Deciding that it wouldn't close completely, I crammed it before sitting up and throwing my legs over the side of my rickety old cot. My thin crochet blanket slid off of me easily. I felt the hard, splintering wood foundation of our home under my bare feet and prayed that today would work out as well as yesterday. We had no real bathroom with a mirror for me to use, only an outhouse. But since Felicity would die without a mirror to check herself in, we managed to snag a mirror that was full body and nailed to one of our walls that was already up.

Luckily, no one was there as I walked in and took a peak at myself, I had to keep up the appearance that I didn't care how I looked very much. Thanks to the Apocalypse as people prefer to call the Day of Disaster, I was much more muscular yet also way skinnier than I had been. It had only been about four months since that day my world fell to pieces but I still felt like it was just yesterday that I was a healthy weight of 135 pounds. Now I estimated that I was about 116 pounds. My blonde hair had been dyed raven black in order to better hide at night from Hostiles. Both of my once vibrant blue hazel eyes were now dull, only reverting to their old energy when adrenaline was pumping through my veins. The sky hadn't had much of a chance to tan my pale skin since it was full of smoke from fires and it was cloudy out in the swamps anyway. Due to lack of sleep and too much stress, I now had purplish rings under my eyes and hollow cheeks.

My sleepwear consisted of a thin grey tank top that hung off my shoulders and framed my new abdomen muscles nicely and cloth grey shorts. I reached up for the bandage and closed my eyes before unwrapping it. At night, I wore the bandage to protect my wound so I could take of my sweaty bandannas. There was still a noticeable gash on my forehead when I opened my eyes. It was healing, so I didn't complain. As was my routine, I wrapped a bandanna around to cover the scarring wound from sight. The bandanna I picked was black as my hair with white Jolly Rodgers symbols scattered across the cloth. No interrupted my walk back to my room and I was thankful for that. Once inside my room I slipped out of my clothes. The outfit for today was a pair of worn black leather pants with a black tank top. The leather of my pants was to help protect my skin from animals and the occasional Hostile.

Before leaving my small room, I took time to scan it just in case I died today. A wooden cot sat snug in a corner with the dresser that held most of my clothing next to it. Everything that was once painted about my furniture was chipping away as the days dragged on. I had walls luckily, thanks to those free days when we could just work on the house without interruption. Conner was in the medium-sized room we called our living room. It had only a small tattered love seat and dusty old wooden chairs that creaked when you sat in them. Out of all the guys I had come to befriend since fleeing my hometown with Felicity and Nirvana, Conner was my favorite. His hair was a sandy color with wood shavings in it from working on the house since he woke up. Conner had a decent athletic build and was our best gunman when push came to shove, and it often did. When we first met him he had been a lot darker. Now his skin was lightly tanned. He had taken down one of the Hoard that had been attempting to overwhelm Nirvana so we had offered him a place in our team as thanks.

"Conner, what are you doing working so early? It has to be around 6 o'clock," I reasoned, stepping towards him as he turned to face me. His eyes were a deep green that reminded me of the grass outside my old home during the Spring. Looking in his eyes made my heart ache from homesickness so I did my best to not make eye contact unless necessary.

"Couldn't sleep very well. I still haven't found any signs of Alice, Alicka, and Alexander since they left to patrol last night," he replied, mentioning the siblings. Alice and Alicka were twins and Alexander was their older brother. Conner had been traveling with them when he met us so we felt that we should allow them shelter as well. Plus, a few extra fighters were always helpful.

"That isn't very much like them. They usually head in to check with someone every few hours. I'll see if Felicity or Nirvana is up for checking out what's going on with the three MIA," I assured him, worry starting to set in. Alexander was 19, yes, but his younger siblings were only 14 years old.

"I can go with you," Conner assured me, his eyes lighting up at the prospect of finding his friends.

"We need someone here to watch the house and you are tired enough by the looks of it," I tried to argue, not wanting him to exhaust himself when it was still early and we would have work to do later on as well.

"What's with the chit chat. Don't you two sleep?" a familiar feminine voice complained as Felicity groaned and rubbed her eyes. I rolled my eyes at her, trying not to point out that she was awake as well.

"Our Patrol went missing and Conner is worrying himself into poor health over it," I informed the red head. Felicity had insisted that if she was out at night she could just hide her flaming red hair with a bandanna so I didn't complain. Her pastel green eyes took in Conner's slightly hunched form. "Would you mind heading out with me to find them so he can quit worrying so much. For all we know they might of decided to be independent little hooligans."

"You know you love those kids, Violante. Also, Violante is right, you shouldn't be so worried Conner," Felicity smirked at my comment before fixing Conner with an understanding look. The thin girl held a slight athletic build, her muscles not near as prominent as most. She was a good two or three inches taller than me. "And you know I have no problem heading out with you. Just let me get dressed and grab my gear."

"Thanks Felicity. I am going to get my gear. Conner, if you don't mind, can you check on Nirvana to see that if she is still asleep or not. I would hate for her to wake up this early because of our talking. And see if Maggie is getting any better with rest," I bit my lip at the thought of my friend before going into the Gear room. I only needed my belt and weapons for this little outing. My weapon of choice, a machete, slid through the space between the front of my right pocket and the belt and then I grabbed my dagger to shove inside my leather boots that I tugged on. Felicity entered as I was pulling my waist length raven black hair into a ponytail. Her own just under shoulder length red locks having been pulled into a tiny ponytail. Felicity grabbed her ax and a pistol. Felicity's skin color was unaffected by the now mostly sunless climate since she always maintained her light brown shade.

"You 'bout ready to go play Search n Rescue?" my friend asked me with a small smile, trying to lighten the mood. She could tell how worried I was for the younger children. "They're not as young as you like to think, Vi. They are only three years younger than you, Nirvana, and I.

"I know, and at the moment you are still 16 for the next to weeks," I lightly teased her and she stuck out her tongue in response. Nirvana was in the living room with Conner, her towering form still an two or more inches shorter than the man at his full height. She was a good three or four inches taller than me, I am a short girl at only 5' 4".

"Felicity, Violante, are you two heading out now?" Nirvana walked over, her dark hair tinged purple shifting with every movement. She wore violet contacts that made her eyes glow against her pale face.

"Yea, the quicker we get this done the better," I nodded an affirmative to my close friend before turning to face Conner. "How is Maggie doing? You did check on her, didn't you?"

"Yes I did, she still has a bad fever and keeps mumbling about her brother. I don't think she knows he's dead yet," Conner told me with sadness in his green eyes. I tensed at the word dead.

"We don't know that Mike is dead yet! Until I give the word he is MIA!" I growled at him. Every one had come to learn that the young children were a touchy subject with me. Maggie was only about two, barely speaking much do to her young age and she had come down with a horrible fever. Mike, as far as I was concerned, had gone missing and we had yet to find the five year old boy. Conner raised his hands in defeat and Felicity gave me a look of understanding. Felicity's younger brothers had been with her parents at home and Felicity had been at my house when Disaster struck. We were never able to find her family.

"Let's go find Alice and the others," Felicity laid a hand on my back comfortingly and I nodded before drawing my machete and nodding a goodbye to the other two individuals in the room. The grass within twenty feet of our home had been chopped down to ankle height whereas the rest could get as high as my waist. Soon, I found where they had entered the high grass and I followed the path. It took an hour to register their voices.

"Alice, we have to get him out! Alex will be so mad if he comes back from scouting to find out that we left our spot! He's probably already looking for us! Just leave the kid, he looks dead as is anyway!" Alicka's voice reached my ears and I set off at a sprint. The two were alone? How stupid could Alex be. Felicity had heard them as well and joined me in cutting through the grass. We reached them soon to find that they were kneeling next to a small child caught in a net trap. Obviously the two had cut the rope holding the net above ground and were now trying to untangle the kid carefully. Or at least Alice was, Alicka was just sitting there with his gun in hand and panic in his cobalt eyes as they turned to me. Both twins had light brown hair and right now I could practically see how is brown hairs stood straight in fear.

"What are you two doing? Where's Alexander?" I asked as I took to my knees by the net with my dagger in hand. With careful movements, I ripped a sizable hole into the net and pulled out a frail form that I immediately recognized as barely breathing and having a fever. A small gasp left me and I stood straight up holding him. My dagger went back into place and I pulled out my machete. Choosing to hold the blonde haired boy in my left arm, I looked around at the silent twins and Felicity.

"Felicity, take them back to the house with this kid. I can handle finding Alex on my own," Felicity seemed not to like this arrangement but I gave her a look before handing her the unconscious boy. Her arms held him even though they weren't very muscular and she offered me her pistol. "No, you may need it. Now go, I don't have time to argue. Which way did Alexander head off to?"

"He went that way," Alicka pointed her index finger to my left and I nodded before darting off in that direction. A humming met my ears that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. As I ran in its direction, the humming turned into more of a moaning and I nearly U turned if I hadn't seen Alexander with his shot gun pulled out and pointed at five staggering individuals. The individuals had grey eyes, glazed over with death, and slowly decaying skin that barely clung to their body as they made their signature jerky movements. Discolored drool dripped out of a few of their mouths and I wanted to hurl. Alex looked back at me with his silver eyes lit up by adrenaline and his electric blue hair hair standing up in its usual fohawk style. My eyes narrowed at him as he shrugged before firing at a zombie and forcing me to jump into action, machete in hand.