I am unable

Unable to save you

Unable to escape

Unable to stop your tears though you cry for me

How I wish I was able to stop the rain and

To make it rain

To hide your sorrow.

But I am unable to.

Your wish won't come true because I can not

Your hope will be a wasted breath for I am caught

Caught between you and me

Between right and wrong

Unable to tell the difference I wipe your tears and wait for salvation

As I wait you heart becomes tainted and you fall

I reach for you but your eyes are clouded

I am unable to save you

Unable to cry for you

Unable to return

I look down now that it is over

I reflect on all of my mistakes

I thought that I had found the road to somewhere

But even if I did

I am unable to walk down it

I am unable to break the chains that hold me

Unable to break them as they pull me away

Is it truly I who is unable?

Or is it you

Who is unable

To let go?