One day,

You believe you'll find what you dream of.

Beyond the northern lights and above the starry sky;

You know it is there hidden up so high.

You'll reach and reach,

But never seem to be tall enough—

The real world is rough,

So rough on the dream world

And you fear you won't make it.

But one day,

You believe you'll find what you dream of.

Across the oceans and over the mountain tops,

You know not where the dream world stops.

You'll search and search,

But there is never an end.

The dream world is a godsend,

A godsend that one does not deserve.

And you fear you are not worthy.

But one day,

You believe you will find what you dream of.

Through the twists and turns of fate

You run toward your dreams and learn it is never too late.

You've fought and fought,

And found you are strong enough.

You can make dreams real,

So real, you know they won't be gone when you awaken.

And you know it isn't a hope, but reality.

Because one day,

You found what you were dreaming of.

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