Liza was a normal girl with a normal life. Or so they thought. What they didn't was Liza had a secret one which nobody would never know or they would be locked away forever. Liza was a hunter not your normal hunter she was a supernatural hunter which preyed on vampires and werewolves. On the outside she seemed normal, but they never knew what happened behind her closed doors. Nobody knew she was a girl on a mission. A girl with a goal to kill all supernatural beings and she was getting closer. But what she didn't know was sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted.

That should teach him! I smiled as the vampire snarled at me one last time before he died. I wasn't big on clean up duty so I just left him in the alley for someone else to find. But hopefully by morning he would be turned to dust since I didn't need to give the government more of a reason to lock me up. Though I knew they wouldn't because they needed me, but that didn't stop them from threatening to. The only thing that keeps me alive was the idea of me getting closer to my goal which I was getting closer to each day. I stepped out of the alley but not before looking to see if anyone was watching. I didn't need anybody leaking me and that dead body together it would just slow me down. I walked out into the blinding lights of New York. Where I've been for over ten months trying to rid it of the supernatural, but it only seems to be getting worse. My phone started ringing. I pulled it out of my back pocket the caller ID showed that Jim was calling. Jim was the spokes person for the government, "Great." I muttered. I flipped my phone open, "What now Jim."

He cleared his throat which he did when he knew I was mad since I wasn't the type of girl you wanted mad, "We have been getting tons of missing reports in a town called Albany in Oregon. At first we thought it was just another case of human kidnapping human than someone found a body. I don't need to go on since you most likely know what I'm talking about."

I finally reached my apartment, "So what your telling me is you want me to move when my job here isn't done?" I unlocked my door, but something felt wrong. I sensed a vampire behind the door probably thinking I'm so stupid and wouldn't realize, "I think I have to go get some meat Jed." I said so the vampire wouldn't understand. It really means 'Vampire to kill'.

"Ok I got to go talk to you later" Jim said before I hung up on him. I took my knife made of copper out of my bag. Copper was the only thing that could kill them but that's only if you get there heart. It could probably smell the copper and was most likely ready to kill but so was I. I kicked the door open and ducked as the vampire flew above me. I turned around and looked at the vampire. He stood in his attack position he was taller than me which was surprising sin I was 6" 1' and towered over everyone. His black curly hair covered his red eyes meant he wanted to kill. I shrugged at the thought, "I'm use to it." I whispered. I saw a hint of confusion in his eyes for a second. We just stood there for awhile then I sighed, "Can we get this over with? I'm tired and mad and trust me that isn't a good mix." He hissed, "Sorry I don't speak hiss." He smiled just a little but was trying to stop it. I ran towards him and he moved to the right which I was ready for him to do. I threw a small copper spike from my sleeve at him and to my amazement it missed him completely, "WHAT THE!?" I never missed in my life. I turned around and he was gone out of my sight, but I still sensed him near, "Come out, Come out where ever you are." I whispered but I knew he heard me. I walked around the hallway very slowly. I heard a crash behind me. I swung around to see what made the noise. My door was off the hinges. Lucky for me I only had one neighbor and he was always gone for work. I walked to my door that now was laying flat on the ground, "Was that really necessary?" I pointed at the door.

"'Don't underestimate her' they said. But they also told me you were a good aim." He laughed. His laugh sent a shiver down my spine. He landed in front of me, "You call yourself a hunter?" He smiled. It wasn't a nice smile it looked more evil. One I would give to my prey when I killed them.

"You're the only vampire to have survived this long." He gave me a looked that said 'well duh', "I wonder why." I stared at him for a minute. His muscles keep tightening and loosing a sigh that he was ready to kill, "I can't die yet." He stopped smiling and had the look of confusion all over his face.

"What do you mean?"

"Now would you like to know?" I took him by surprise and tripped him. I took my knife and was ready to stab his heart but before it dug into his flesh a silver knife blocked my knife. I jumped back since silver can kill me. He got up and dusted himself off. He started playing with his knife like it was a toy.

"You think I'm that stupid? Oh come on you can do better than that." He started towards me and I got in my ready position. He just wouldn't let me kill him! We started circling around each other for who knows how long. I took a look at my watch and smiled at what it showed me. Almost time for the sun to come up, it won't kill him but it will sure bring him pain. He saw my smile and looked at his own watched and hissed. He looked up, "I'll be back so be ready to die." He backed away slowly but before he left I heard him say, "And learn to aim!" I would've gone after him but I was too tired. I walked back to my door that was still laying on the ground.

"Really?" He just broke my perfectly new door, "Whatever." I walked over it and then went to bed.

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