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"Once upon a time, a long time ago, our celestial Creator decided to create new life forms. He contemplated what he would make for a long time what he should make and if he should make anything at all. Our Creator decided to start with one life form, that he called his son. The Creator was content and enjoyed his son's company for what seemed to be an eternity. Because his son was such a success, he decided to make more life forms just like his son. Soon, his celestial home was filled with the laughter and songs of many of his sons. The Creator was content once more.

Then he decided to make planets and stars, plants, animals and much more. He created life to fill the countless planets he made and was happy with what he had done. But his happiness wouldn't last.

One of his sons convinced a few of his brothers to join him in his undertaking. He wanted to rule a few of the planets and the inhabitants of these planets. But the Creator didn't approve. He knew that his son's intentions weren't pure, for he could see his hart. The hart that he once made for this son, was pure and bright as gold. But now it had marbled black lines running across his heart.

The Creator shared his concerns, but the son was stubborn. This lead to a big argument in which this son told his father that he could be a better ruler than his father could ever be. In order to avoid a massive war, the Creator decided that his son would get a period of time to prove his case before Him and his other sons. This son, who we call the Destroyer, convinced a lot of his brothers to come with him, so they could rule the planets.

The new rule went on for years. The Creator saw the destruction, pain and suffering that the new rule caused, on a large scale. Evil was everywhere. The hearts of the inhabitants slowly marbled with evil, until their whole heart became black. The Creator pleaded with his sons, to abandon their rule and admit that they were wrong, but the sons wouldn't listen. They said that they needed more time.

The Creator wasn't willing to let the sons destroy everything. But he knew that if he destroyed his sons, that a war was certainly eminent. They needed more time to fail. In order to prevent things from getting out of hand, the Creator installed us, the Guardians, as watchers over the planets. We watch everyone and everything, and we protect people from the Greater Evils. That is why you are all here." Superior Phi looked at the group of seated young girls, who looked at her with fright in their eyes. She knew that they would need time to understand their new situation.

"You don't need to be afraid, you are home now. We have selected you from different planets, because you have specially qualities that we value in Guardians. You will live here and we will train you, educate you and qualify you to be excellent Guardians. You won't be able to go to your mothers and fathers anymore, and I know that might be hard to understand right now, but later in your lives you will thank us for the privilege you've received.

If you look to your left, you'll see some of the older Guardian apprentices who live here. As you can see, they are very happy, and they will be there for you to help you find your way. I will now hand you over to Superior Fern, who is in charge of newcomers. She will be your leader, so listen to her and do as she says. If you have any questions, you can ask her." Superior Phi stepped off so that Superior Fern could step on the platform.

She stood back and looked at the new recruits. She couldn't believe that a millennium had already come to pass. They hadn't found many new recruits, but the twenty young girls that stood in the room showed potential. Nearly all came from the human realm, but there were also a few that came from other parts of the universe. She waited for Fern to give her instructions to the apprentices, who took the new recruits to their rooms. Fern followed them, to make sure that everything was going according to plan.

Phi walked out of the Auditorium to the Dining Hall, where she headed to the private dining room, only accessible for Superiors. As she entered, she saw Superior Ei sitting there, who was almost at the same rank as her, but a millennium younger.

"Ah, Superior Ei, I had just finished welcoming the recruits." Phi said as she sat down next to her. She put her hands on the armrest of the chair and looked at the meal that Superior Ei was having.

"Oh, always exciting isn't it? I managed to get a recruit of my own this time, maybe you have noticed her?" Superior Ei said with a smile on her face.

"You, you actually got a recruit? I always assumed that you hated the idea of taking young children from their mothers. Although, you realize that your notion is completely ridiculous." Phi said. She thanked the apprentice that had brought her meal. She quickly prayed before she broke off a piece of bread and dipped it into the thick sweet soup.

"Well, I did think it was completely ridiculous as you put it and I still do, but this time I felt different. I saw something special in that girl." Ei said, looking directly at her. Phi frowned. She still couldn't picture a Superior Ei that set aside her principles, because of the way she felt.

"That's the whole reason we do what we do. I heard that you also witnessed the Titan Wars. Awful, just awful what happened there. But thank the Creator that we got rid of those vile creatures, they were truly evil." Phi quickly took a sip of her nectar to get rid of the bad taste that the memory had brought in her mouth. She could see the frown on Superior Ei's face. What was her problem?

"Not all of them were evil Phi, they didn't all have to die." Ei said. She put her cup on her plate and waved at the apprentice. She signed at her that she was finished. Phi almost choked on a piece of bread.

"Surely you don't believe that! Haven't you seen with your own eyes what they had done? We are the protectors of this universe and it is our job to protect those who can't protect themselves!" Phi said, raising her voice. She couldn't help but feel angry. They had lost some of their own in that war and many innocent human lives were killed by the Titans. They were decedents of Greater Evils indeed.

"I have seen things that you haven't seen, so don't judge me. I also saw Titans that had a caring side, a side that you never bothered looking for. And now all of them are dead! Believe me, I understand why some of them had to die – they killed the parents of my recruit in cold blood for example… but they didn't all deserve to die. Now, please excuse me, I have business elsewhere." Ei said while she hastily got up. The apprentice quickly cleared her table and disappeared. Phi got up, still angry at what Ei had said and was ready to exchange some words with her.

Before Phi got the chance to say anything, Ei sprinted towards the door, pulling the door shut behind her. Phi could feel the rage she had. She grabbed a log that was lying across the table and threw it high up in the air, using the palm of her hand to aim a flame at it, burning the log to a crisp. The burned remains of the log dwindled down gently and landed in her palm.

"Madam Superior, is everything alright?" The apprentice asked, coming from the shadows. Phi sighed and sat back down. "Yes, I just needed to clear my head. Carry on." The apprentice bowed and left the room. Just as she closed the door behind her, it opened again. Phi lifted her eyes to see who it was. She sighed.

"Someone is in a bad mood. Lift your spirits Phi, or did you forget that today is a day for rejoicing? The new recruits are here." Superior Meg said as she walked into the room and sat next to her. She was followed by Superior Fern. She sat opposite of them.

"Everything went well with the recruits." Superior Fern said, with a smile. But then she frowned.

"Only one recruit couldn't stop crying, but she calmed down eventually." Fern added. "They have been taking care of by the other students and they reported that all the recruits are sound asleep. I think tomorrow is going to be a great day." Fern smiled, but Phi raised her brow.

"Who was crying?" She asked. Crying was usually a sign of weakness and not appreciated in a new recruit. She would have a hard life here if she couldn't keep her emotions at bay. Just what she needed, she thought, another problem.

"Little girl with darker skin, medium build, short hair and a scar across her left arm. I think she is the recruit that Ei brought in." Fern said.

"She mentioned to one of the students that the Titans had killed her parents. So, she is an orphan. A perfect candidate really." Fern said, this time with a small smile appearing on her face. She looked content. Phi frowned even more.

"Keep a close eye on her, I don't want her to become a problem." Phi said. Fern nodded. She felt her anger disappearing. She had a lot to do today and she didn't want to waste it on her emotions.

"Agreed." Fern said as she took a sip of nectar. "Now, tell us, what has gotten you in this sour mood?"

"It's not a problem anymore. I have to attend to some business." Phi said as she got up. She headed for the door, but stopped in her tracks. "Tell me, what name did the crying recruit have?" She asked.

"Hmm, I believe her name was Seleni." Fern answered. With that, Phi left the dining hall and headed to her office.

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