"Seleni! I want you in my chambers immediately!" A voice echoed across the arena. Seleni looked up and saw her Superior walking away from where she'd been standing. Seleni sighed and shook her head. It sounded like she was in trouble. She bended forward and extended her hand towards Agnes, whom she had just beaten in training. Agnes grabbed her hand and pulled herself up, while groaning.

"I'm going to be so sore tomorrow. I can't believe you beat me." Agnes said, disappointed. Seleni patted her on her back. "Well, you were a fierce competitor." Seleni said with a smile. "I almost didn't pass my exam." Seleni said. She winced when Agnes patted her arm. She had dealt her a lot of damage. Agnes couldn't help but smile.

"I have to go or else…" Agnes lifted her hand and looked at her with an understanding gaze. Seleni smiled and bowed as she muttered her farewell.

Seleni immediately started to sprint towards the main hall. Her body was aching from all the blows that Agnes had delivered to her body, but she had to appear strong. Weakness was frowned upon, especially by the Superiors. Seleni arrived at the main hall and knocked on the tall, heavy metal door before opening it. The warmth and musky smell were a sharp contrast to the breezy outdoor air.

"Close the door behind you." Her superior commanded. Seleni did as she was told and then turned around to face her Superior. The Superior was sitting where she normally sat when she was about to lecture her about something.

"Seleni, I congratulate you on passing your exam. I'm very proud to see you thrive under pressure." Seleni bowed slightly to express her gratitude for the compliment. Her Superior rarely gave her one, so this was a nice surprise for her.

"I wanted to inform you that you are no longer a member of my flock. You have been reassigned to Superior Phi," her Superior continued to say. Seleni held back a gasp. Members usually stayed with their superiors the entire length of their service. Apart from that, Superior Phi was one of the highest ranking superiors out there.

"I also wanted to congratulate you. You have been promoted to the rank of Active," her Superior said. This time her face was softer, like she was smiling with her eyes.

"Wait, what? Why have I been promoted to the Actives? I've only been a Shifter for a few months now. I thought I could only be eligible if I passed the exams. I have practices for the exams, of course, but I haven't even taken them!" Seleni uttered in disbelieve. Something was wrong.

Her Superior shook her head. "Look Seleni, I can't explain everything that happens to you, but I don't have much time left." She said. "You have already passed your exams. The Superiors have taken notice of you and tested you in these past months. And now you are ready." Seleni was still confused.

"I need to do your check up." Her superior said. Seleni looked at her. She forgot that a year had already passed. Seleni watched as her Superior walked over to a desk drawer and took out a device. Seleni leaned her head slightly towards the right. Her Superior placed the device on her neck and pressed the button that released liquid inside her body.

Seleni closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She has gotten this treatment as long as she had been here, so she had gotten used to the pain. She could feel her Superiors' hand rest briefly on her shoulder. She then quickly moved away from her.

"You have a meeting with Superior Phi in half an hour. Please go ahead and prepare yourself. You have to impress her." She said. Seleni nodded and slowly got up. Seleni slightly bowed before she headed towards the door. "Thank you for having me, Superior Ei." Seleni said. Superior Ei nodded and turned away from her.

Seleni closed the door behind her and started her sprint towards the dorms. She was meeting Superior Phi, today. She had no idea why she was transferred and why Superior Ei was being so mysterious. Seleni scratched the surface where the needle had punctured her skin. It was really itchy. But she had other things to worry about. As soon as she entered her dorm, she grabbed her formal uniform and sprinted towards the showers.

The door shut behind her. She let out a deep sigh and looked at her trembling hand. She shook her head and walked towards the drawer. "What is wrong with me?" She asked out loud. Superior Ei looked at the contents of her drawers. There weren't many things left in there, as she had already packed most of it. She sighed again. She was ready to go. She glanced at her room one last time, the room where she had spent over three hundred years of her life.

Superior Ei headed out the door, making sure that she wasn't being noticed by anyone. She remembered how shocked she was when superior Phi told her that the majority of her flock was being reassigned to other Superiors. Immediately, alarm bells went off in her head. She knew that she had to leave the Sanctuary. And there was only one place she could go, one place where they couldn't find her. She wasn't sure of how she felt right now, but that wasn't important.

She arrived at the Library, a room that held great importance here in the Sanctuary. She knew that she didn't have much time left and that she needed to act very quickly. She passed through the basic levels of the Library and headed down to the more private and secluded sections.

"Ah, Superior Ei, I wasn't expecting you here today." A cheery voice greeted her. Superior Ei looked at the bright woman standing in front of her, a previous member of her flock. She always had an aura around her, as if she was glowing. Her wavy hair seemed to constantly move, as if she was standing in the wind.

"Agathe, I see that you are doing your work diligently. But I need you to find something important for me." She said, while handing her a list with difficult assignments. Agathe looked at the list and nodded.

"What is my deadline?" She politely asked. "You can take a week, but you do have to start on it right away." Superior Ei responded. Agathe nodded and looked at the list again. Then she threw a look over her shoulder. The light of her aura, a soft yellow, seemed to turn into a bluish hue. "I will attend to this section for the time being… you may begin with your assignment." Superior Ei said, this time with more stern in her voice. Agathe nodded and headed towards a more secluded section of the Library.

Superior Ei sighed in relief. Agathe had a great sense of responsibility and she didn't want to burden her with was she was about to do. She also didn't want Agathe to have any secrets that she would have to tell to the other Superiors.

Superior Ei quickly looked up the section that she needed and grabbed hold of the amulet on her wrist. Before she closed her eyes, she threw one last glance at the place that had been her home for as long as she could remember. But she wasn't welcome there anymore. And with that thought, she disappeared.

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