-Alice's log-

When they train you for war in the Marrim fields, they teach you three main things. One is how to kill. Two, the only way to survive is to kill. The third is that your enemies only want to kill you, your loved ones, and everyone else you know. I see now that all of it is wrong, so unfortunate that I have run out of time...

Marrim fields, a few weeks earlier

"Aw, pretty." Cane, a general of the Marrim plains said as he delicately picked a soft pink flower. He was the sensitive supersoldier. Almost all of the women on the base had a crush on him but he fell for the personality. There was one in particular that he admired. She was highly intelligent, lovingly caring, and extremely considerate and kind. She had rarely taken notice of him and when she did, they were usually apologizing or he was teaching her division. She was usually found training, reading, or writing, which he found frustrating for that meant he couldn't ask her without disturbing something.

When he found Alice, she was reading a book beneath the shade of a golden weeping willow in bloom. She was a wizard/knight that had purple eyes and shoulder length green hair, which most people found odd. He admired the scene and was contemplating whether or not to leave. As he was finished debating with himself, she looked up from her book and saw the mountain of a man, who was abnormally large at eight foot three. Even though he had decided on leaving, he welcomed her invitation to sit down next to her.

"So what brings Cane the swift into here to this small clearing next to the sea?" She asked, he was a little shocked because everyone called him Cane the mighty. She was different. "It's a beautiful scene, I admit, but not enough to bring a general." Then she noticed the flower in his hand. She could sense his distress and affection, it was a natural talent that few had. "Are you an admirer of nature or did you come to me on less formal matters?"

"You are unlike any other person on this base." He started, finding it hard to get the right words out. "You're not just kind, you're caring, intelligent, creative, and so much more. You may not know complex spells, but that doesn't matter. What I'm trying to say is…"

"Yes, I'll spar with you." She answered, she'd allow him time to build up his confidence. She knew he was going to ask for her hand in courtship. He was relieved to think that she got the wrong impression because it allowed her time to get to know him.

The next day they walked over to the training center's sparring arenas. On the way they chatted and Cane had effectively fallen head over heels for her. The more they knew about each other, the more they liked each other. There was one arena availabe due to the oncoming assault on the Arelios kingdom. When she explained something, it was easy to understand like when she explained why she called him Cane the swift (He moves so fast no one can hit him.)

They started sparring with the traditional Marrim bow and/or curtsy. Cane picked up a staff since they were not allowed to use a move with a complexity of two or more. Alice, on the other hand, used a gravity defiance spell to wield manikin. She also had four others, all without staffs. He was surprised to see her so evil. He struck the first one in the head and it fell off. A second one jumped on his back and he flipped it over his shoulder and pinned it with is foot. He was then overrun by the other three. Alice then joined in with a wooden, hand carved, nacelles broad-axe. He blocked the first attack of hers. The manikins then grabbed his arms and he kicked one in front of him in the gut. Alice leaped over it and the axe was at his neck. He bowed to admit defeat.

"You're a sly vixen." He commented after they had left the arena. He then pulled out the flower and put it delicately into her light green hair. She allowed him to do so and felt her heart fill when he did. He also felt the same feeling, only for him it was better. He never read or had the patience to listen to romance stories. "You could be at my side in any war at any time." This was an honor he rarely bestowed, so naturally she blushed.

Over the next few days they picked who would go on the assault and who would remain. It was based on spell complexity, if they were sane or not, and a large portion was fighting skills. She had only made it on the reserves by Cane's recommendation.

On the march, Alice couldn't help but feel a bit guilty and humiliated. The reserves was mainly composed of rookies. She was mocked by her fellow soldiers for that. Throughout the march, she proved herself to be a smart "". She did this by taking shortcuts, finding food stores hidden in the underbrush, and moulding spare rocks and pebbles to look like her own soldiers and she was their general. Cane and the troops found this amusing, the other high ranks didn't like this at all. Cane saw an advantage that she gave, she kept the moral high even through the tireless journey through the harsh conditions they had to face.

Then they came to Reaper's canyon. It was called this due to an unstoppable army perishing due to unknown reasons. Legend said that Death himself killed them all. Others say that a lone warrior amongst them betrayed the army and now resides in the canyon. No matter what was said about it, it scared people away from it. They planned it through the canyon to save five weeks of travel around the entire Camantem badlands.

They started seeing statues about a half mile in. Some were of dead warriors, others of dangerous beasts like dragons and ghouls, but most were a hollow suit of armor of unknown origin. When a large boulder fell, she was about to catch it when someone else did. She was congratulated on saving them. She pretended to launch the boulder back into the badlands. As she did this, she saw one of the statues moving. She climbed up to the ridge where the statues stood tall.

Then she heard fighting when she saw one of the Arelios climb up with her. It was a paladin in full body armor. The Arelios had apparently launched a counterstrike. The statues came to life and woke up quickly. They joined the battle. When they started to slam down onto the ground, both armies were stunned. They didn't use any spells, they merely punched hard and fast, kicked seldomly, and occasionally retracted their hands and blasted the unfortunate soul with one of two built in cannon. Alice responded quickly and helped Cane fight off the statues. She launched a pulsewave at one of them, which did nothing. Cane stuck his sword through a suit of armor, and got it stuck. The suit punched Cane in the face and nearly dented his helmet into his face. She was about to have a gravity flux make it implode, when one of them struck her in the back of the head.

When she was hit, she remained conscious in a daze. She collapsed and watched the unstoppable statues defeat the rest of both armies. When she got up off the ground, a statue picked her and Cane up and cradled them together as if they were babies. It carried them to a beautiful village hidden in the badlands. He took Cane to a sick ward and her to a cell. She saw the paladin in her cell.

"Bonny lass, Silent warrior, play nice or pay the price." The statue commanded them and he laid her in the cell. "Now I must go, though the others are not slow."

"Zephyr." The Silent warrior scratched on the wall.

"I'm Alice. Nice to meet you." Alice started, she didn't know that he was with the Arelios. "Since we're in here, we may as well get to know each other. Can you talk?" Zephyr nodded.

"I choose not to talk." Zephyr wrote "Benefits me."

They spent the next few hours talking. Zephyr scratched words onto the wall and smoothed the words off to talk. Eventually they broke through the chalk wall. They then rammed through the wall simultaneously, both not needing to talk to understand what the other was thinking. Alice repaired the wall and they ran. Throughout the day they just kept running, not daring to slow down to pick up supplies. The heat was raining down in the badlands, and Zephyr had not removed a single bit of armor. She was coming close to cooking herself.

"You need to take the armor off. I don't know how long you'll last in this heat." Alice explained, Zephyr pressed on in the direction they were heading. "Please, stop, I don't want to have to make you." Zephyr stopped, listened, and raised her fists as if she was going into a brawl.

Then a squad of Arelios soldiers charged from their left. They took cover in a grove they had missed. Two grunts charged at them. Alice sent a weak pulsewave at them, to make sure they weren't the statues. The pulse sent them flying into the leader, a tall warrior in a battered suit. His gauntlets had blades attached to them. Two more soldiers and a wizard came out of the woods only to be trapped by a gravity well. A flurry of arrows went over the gravity well and Zephyr tackled Alice, moving her out of the way. The warlock sent a plasma ball into Zephyr. The armor saved her life at its own cost. It fell apart, leaving a woman wearing leather armor behind.

Alice was gobsmacked. The archers launched another volley under the gravity well. Alice used a levitation spell to catch the arrows. They turned around to point at their launchers. She was about to fire when Zephyr grabbed her hand.

"Don't…" Zephyr said as she let go. Alice was surprised. "Get us out of here."

"But we have to kill to survive, right?" Alice asked, they were both confused at this point. Alice then decided to teleport them away from the battle. "That's what they taught us in the Marrim plains."

"I've heard a lot of bad stories about the Marrim plains." Zephyr explained, her aura stank of pity. "But I've never heard of anything so bad. You poor girl." Then she hugged her and Alice hugged back.

"I don't even want to kill." She sobbed, it was nice to have someone like that.

"I've been directing us to the closest Arelios town." Zephyr explained in their hug. "They won't attack you. A friend is not for killing" At that, Alice perked up. Then the leader and company caught up to them and struck them before they could react. "Micheal, why are you doing this!?

"Zephyr, my best friend, you are under arrest for treason." He said guiltily, then a dark wizard with metal sheaths on his arms and a blade in place of his left hand came forth. "This is The Judge." They were both afraid at his point. Alice fell into a fetal position. "I'm sorry."

"Alice, you are charged with assassinating the Arelios King two months ago. You will have one week to prove your innocence." He explained sternly, he was bringing his blade closer and closer to Alice. "If you cannot, then I will kill you."