Poor Rich Girl

There once was a girl who had everything

But except for true love

She was willing to give it all for one

She may have riches

But she was never truly happy

Nothing in the world would do

Love was all she cared for

Even her family wouldn't give

All they cared for was financial needs


Poor rich girl

That's all she wanted

Poor rich girl

That's all she needs

Nothing in the world would make her happy but love

She faked a smile so no one would notice

How her pain to get love was hard

Though she was popular

And all the guys liked her

She wanted only that one special someone

Someone who would help her through the days

Someone who could guide her in her confused ways

Someone who would love unconditionally

Someone who would just set her free


She didn't care for money

She didn't care for things

All she cared for was the feeling love brings

From morning to night

All she thought of was love

Of the day of meeting her prince

If she wasn't with her true love

She would rather die

Her true love is all she wants

No one can take that place

Refrain (But slower)