Love Songs


Love songs is all I can do

Love songs are what I sing

Love songs are everything about me

It is what I really write

Most songs I sing

I can't remember it again

I'll say once and say it twice

Not a tune will ring

From walking home from school and sitting, typing

Songs will over flow me

But only the best ones are worth writing

Even is the songs are just for fun

Songs are worth all the time

With my friends it is the best

The songs that I remember

Are truly from my heart

If you don't believe

Ask what I remember


My songs may be short

But what do you expect from me

My songs aren't easy to do

They may even be solos

This is very true

From the depths of my heart

To the words of this song

Love songs are everything

I am willing to do

Love songs comfort me when I am down

So love songs are what I write to make a sound

Expect no more from me

For love songs are worth it all

Can't you see that I would rather fall

To the depths of destiny