In the darkness of night

Lays a girl waiting to be found

She is trying to find a home and family

People who accepts her no matter what

Trouble is her obstacle in life

She loses hope the longer she waits

In the depths of darkness is evil waiting to be

Nothing good comes from such

But where there is darkness, there's always light

The young girl waits for years to be found

The longer she stays, the longer evil can get to her

Greed, anger, sadness are some signs of evil

All she needs is love

It is the most powerful thing in the world

It is the light within darkness

Darkness starts to consume her day by day

No one seems to hear her cry's

She starts to lose hope

Everyone has darkness within themselves

Look for the girl and give hope

You're the last chance she has to survive

Darkness is everywhere

It will hurt you with all its might

Only you have the power to destroy it

Try to be happy and find love

Be the family the girl is looking for

This can hurt darkness badly