Deep Inside

Deep inside my heart

Is a girl nobody has ever met

Deep inside my soul

Is a being you will never forget

But I'm not letting you see her

For it all depends on me

You don't know the true me

You won't understand

I've done everything I can

For you to take a glimpse

But you're too busy with your life to notice

I have always given you what you have always wanted

But when you look I go away so you don't know it's me

In my heart is just one

Who I truly love

But in your eyes you only see another

You're busy with yourself to see me standing here

I've been waiting all my life for you

I change my look

And change my style

But it is never enough

I keep trying to get your attention

For you became my obsession

All you see is a changing me

That no one understands

I did my best and gave my all

But you're too hard to please

I'll just set my heart for another to return my love

It'll be your turn to beg and wait

Forever I will wait for you

But now I am tired of trying

In my last few words

I'll tell you how I feel

You're smart, athletic, confident and better than me

I'm smart, athletic, and pretty hot but you will never know

I've given up on my love for you

So I will never show

My hair, my voice, my loving grace

And you above all should know

I didn't give up easily if I really wanted to go.