Until Then

My heart yearns for my one… and only

Without him it's never the same

If I could just look…for him

To figure out if it's a game

If I could just fi-gure it out

I could stop my beating heart

Maybe, just maybe… I'll know

The truth behind my sorrow

I'll wait… for you

To make my dreams come true

I'll find… my way

To your arms- to hold you

When the day finally comes

You'll be with me

And I'm never letting you

When I finally have you close

I can't wait till tomorrow

But until then

I'll hold my hands… together

Until hen

I'll pray for your return

Until then

I'll hope you are all right

Until then

My wish will be forever


If only I knew… the truth

I won't have to wait long

My heart is yours

Hopefully you kept it safe

Life can be slow… and sad

But we had our happy times

I'm loyal… to you

I could wait forever

You are… of course

The only one for me

You became… my reason

For living the life I do

Without you… I'm imperfect

To everything I do

You make me… complete

To the world around you

So until then I'll wait

Until then will seem like forever

Until then will hopefully be soon

Until then and forever… I will love you