Life is but a roller coaster

Up and down it goes

Look at life at different angles

Straight or curved, I'll know

Can't believe what I am saying

It can be a bore

Truth be told my life is crazy

If I may be so bold


Looking at my life

It can be hectic

Looking at the side

It can be smooth

Fast or slow (here we go)

Should I know (maybe so)

Can I be (very free)

Wanna see (with a fee)


Life can be a crazy ride

With all its twists and turns

One moment I'm in the sky

The next I'm on the ground

Belief is but the only step

To start you off at first

Then fate comes next with great regret

To ruin what comes next

It's up to you to keep on riding

Through the ride of life


Oh yea


Oh yea

This can be found on youtube. Look for username: composersinger13