Your gaze is just the starting point

To know who you are

Your steady pace and beautiful eyes

Are what will take you far

I know the truth that's hidden in you

That you hide from the world

You love, your passion, your need for me

Could be what sets you free

I'll hold you close to my heart

And wish for your content

Your pain and suffering will be no more

I'll be here till the end

Refrain: All I want for you is to be happy

All I want for you is to make peace

With the world and with yourself

I'm only here to help you ease

Let the world feel your glory

Let yourself feel the breeze

Let your heart feel the power

Let me set you free

Nothing in this world is as it seems

Life is death and death is life

Letting the world evolve

Did you know that people care

About how you feel

You're not alone as you thought

They are what is real

Just relax and absorb it all

And take it all in

The feelings others have for you

And the life you need to begin


Let me set you free (2x)

All I want for you is to be free

This can be found on youtube. Look for username: composersinger13