Best Friends' Boyfriend

My best friend told me about you

Didn't believe it to be true

My best friend told me you're perfect

But it's hard to believe

But after getting to know you

You're exactly what I need

Problem is who you go out with

Don't wanna break her heart

She means everything to me

So we will have to be apart

Promise me that you won't tell her

About our love affair

You mean the world to her being

It's just not fair

As much as I are for you

It's not meant to be

You are my best friends' boyfriend

With so much at stake

You have the world in your hands

Don't let it go

She can be the goddess of your heaven

If you let her be

She found you anyways

Before you ever met me

My love is only chance trying

To ruin our lives

Don't do anything stupid

You're smarter than that

You are my best friends' boyfriend

Whom I truly care for

Don't want any harm done

To either of you

To make sure nothing changes

I must let you go

Believe me when I say

That I really did care

Stay with the perfect princess

She's a lucky catch

You two are the epitome of perfect

Don't let me change that

You are my best friends' boyfriend

That makes our love taboo

We can never be together

No matter how much I love you

You're still her's

You are: My Best Friends' Boyfriend

This can be found on youtube. Look for username: composersinger13