Every Time

Every time I think of you

My heart just rushes through

It's as if it knows your name

Is it even the same game?

Every time I see you smile

It makes me want to run a mile

With the wind rushing past my face

Even with my shoes unlaced

Refrian: You make my world go round (oh, oh)

You are the speed of sound (yea, yea)

Every time I hear you voice

I decide to make a choice

Should I run away from you

Or should I stay to talk to you?

Every time I feel your touch

I start to feel it's not enough

I want you closer to me

I want you to set me free


When it's only you and me

Deep inside I'm filled with glee

I decide to savor the moment

Wanting to feel like I own it

When it's time for you to leave

I hold in all my grief

I don't want to hurt you here

That's the thing I really fear


No matter where you are

I'm always right there beside you

No matter how far you've gone

You have my heart to reside in


This can be found on youtube. Look for username: composersinger13