Can you be my one and only?

Can you be mine eternal?

Can you be the only once I ever need?

It is true that you're worth waiting?

Even with a life forsaking

Can it be I'm in love with you?

I'm so confused


One moment we're just friends

And the next I can't live without you

I'm confused and I need help

Will you help, will you help me

Could it be that I'm too late

You found someone else who took that bait

The perfect one who fits your needs

The one I could never be

Life is a mystery- I don't understand

I try my hardest but- it's never enough

Even if I did more- I feel I have lost

I'm confused about everything- I need more


Is it possible for me

To find someone else to set me free

Someone who will hold me close to them and feel

The love and comfort I really need

I'm still confused

But right now my heart yearns for you

The one and only true love I ever knew

With your smile and your laugh that's so sweet

I'll shut up to go to sleep

You did help me

I'm no longer confused