I've told you over and over again

But you don't listen

You prefer to take your life as you life

I'm trying and trying to help it be better

My advice never makes it to ears

It's as if I don't exist- when it needed

But I've always been by your side

No matter if you keep on pushing

I'll be here to help you glide

As your trusted friend

As your needed hand

I try to never ever lie to you

As my greatest ally

As my crazy friend

You need t slow down and relax

Many people have done the best they could

But it's up to you to absorb our words

You could listen and stop changing

Or ignore our pleas of worry

If you would only listen, if you really cared

Then maybe it wouldn't have ended this way

Now all I can do is give advice to you

And tell you the best thing to say

Just empty our your mind and listen to our thoughts

And maybe you would feel at ease

This time may be the last we can give you the push you need to change

Just listen (3x)

This can be found on youtube. Look for username: composersinger13