You ask me what I like about you

It's my feelings that hold true

You ask me what I think

I wish you were here in a blink

Its your eyes, its your smile

I could watch for a while

Its your tears and your fears

I will hold you dear

So don't ever question me

I love you for setting me free

Don't ever ask why

For you are the reason I fly

You are my heart

You are my everything

You watched from afar

Now you are here with me

So stop with your question

And don't lie

Just love me forever

Or else I may die

Now it my turn

To ask you

What do you think?

What else can we do?

My love

My soul

My being

My heart

My breath

You are the one I am seeing


And I will tell


And things will be well

Ask and things will be foretold