Tell Me


Tell me what you're feeling

Tell me what you know

Tell me everything about you

Tell me if you're my friend of foe

Please don't lie to me

Just tell me the truth

I can't handle false words

But I can handle you

Telling me you're leaving is better for me

If I know you stayed but it hurt inside to be

I would be dying inside to know I harmed you

Just tell me how you really feel and what you will do


I won't harm you any longer than I should

I'll let you go and find someone else when I' m in the mood

I, at least, know you loved me and I loved you too

Just tell me what's inside your soul, I'll understand you

We weren't meant to be together

Not now or forever

Tell me, please just tell me

Never lie to me


You mean more to me, more than I show

You mean more to me, more than I say

But I do care about you

I do care about what you do

Tell me your pain

Or everything gained

Tell me that sorrow you hide

Tell me, my love

And I will give you hug

I'll do my best to comfort

Tell me

Oh tell me

Please tell me