I Wanna Say



I close my eyes

And dream for thee



I wait for you to return

Should I keep waiting for you

My dream of being with you

I don't know

I feel scared

But there is one things I must do

I must let go and say this to you

I do love you

I do care

I wanna kiss you

When you're there

I wanna cuddle

I love your smile

It means a lot to me

Even when your miles away

I wanna say

You are Mine(3x)

You make me lose my mind

You are my light in the dark

I am glad we found our spark

I wanna See (3x)

I wanna be set free

But I hold back

I can't attack

I'm so afraid

I wanna say

You are my love

You are my heart

You are my soul

This can be found on youtube. Look for username: composersinger13