Do you think it's fair?

To ignore me

Do you think it's right?

To not understand

Did you know

You mean a lot to me

Did you know

It hurts to be far away

But that doesn't mean a thing to you

You just don't care

I wanna say I love you

I wanna say you're mine

But the way you've been acting

Is just not fine

I wanna say so many things

I want to do so much

But with you being far away

I can't hope for such

Please come back to me

Please never leave my side

Please love me forever

I'm already letting go of my pride

Stop playing games

Pay attention to me

I'm right in front of you

Why can't you see?

Stop with this commotion

And look my way

You gave me a potion

But you didn't even stay

Stop what you're doing

All you're doing is hurting me

Stop with this nonsense

I want to be set free

Just stop

Please stop

I want you to stop

This can be found on youtube. Look for username: composersinger13