It Hurts

It hurts to remember

How it used to be

It hurts to be reminded

Of your time with me

I remember all those days

When we laughed together

I remember all those time

When you saw me cry

But now it's all over

I can no longer say

What I was feeling that day

Cause you are gone

Goodbye was your last words

But not verbally

You said it by leaving me behind

I don't know what you couldn't see

It hurts, it hurts to remember

What I could have had

It hurts to be reminded

But I'm just so sad

You were my one and only

But I wasn't for you

You were so special but

It seems it wasn't true

It hurts only for me

You moved right on ahead

As if I was nothing to you

Was it really that bad?

It hurts, it just hurts

All those days we were apart

And now those days are forever

We are no longer together

Your tears, your smile,

Our laughter, our time

It's over and gone

And now it just hurts to think

This can be found on youtube. Look for username: composersinger13