Still Love You

You shouldn't have done that

You shouldn't have tried

But do you regret

The tears that you cried

Yu shouldn't have listened

You shouldn't have cared

Tell me if you're feeling

Really, really scared

But I'll be here

By your side

I won't leave you

Alone to die

I'll be here

To listen to you

When you're ready

To get through

I'll be here


I won't leave you

Til its over

So listen to yourself

And how you really feel

Deep down inside is

The true meaning of real

Don't let him destroy

What you have inside

I'll be here no matter what

Whether its do or die

Don't ever forget

Friendship is best

Love is just a game

That is untamed

People will help you

Get through the day

We will support you

In every way

So don't regret

And don't fret

We still love you

Through and through

We still love you

No matter what you do

This can be found on youtube. Look for username: composersinger13