People think that we are all over

People think that you are mine

People think that everything we had would last forever

People think that we were together

People thought so many different things

People think that 'WE' would be the one and only lasting word

This never hurts

You don't know

You don't understand this feeling

You don't know what is going through my mind

You don't know what this feeling feels if you don't want to try

People don't understand

People don't know what's going on this land'

You don't think

You don't follow

You don't want

You want to devour

You don't want to feel what I know

People think that this is forever

People think that we would never part

People think that so many ways we were

But that's so all over'

That's all ending

That's all nothing

If we can make sense

If we don't understand

This can be found on youtube. Look for username: composersinger13