Too Bad

It's too bad you could never be my hero

It's bad that you could never see

How much you had the power

To be at the top with victory

It's too bad you left me hanging

It's too bad you hurt me so

But I'm not the one to take it quietly

I will use it help me soar


You used to be me love

But now I will go far above

You used to be my star

But instead you left me with an emotional scar

It's too bad you were too immature

To know what I could do for you

It's too bad that I wasn't ready

To rock your world right through

It's too bad we couldn't make it

To the next level

It's too bad we weren't meant to be

But at least we can be civil


But thank you anyways

You helped me change in new ways

Thank you in the end

We can still at least be friends

It's too bad we will never know

What we could have had

It's too bad I was too slow

But you at least made me glad

You became my first

But you will never be my last

You taught me many things

But now you're a part of my past

It's too bad that we ended

But it was so sweet

It's too bad we didn't last

But being with you was a treat

It's too bad, so bad


This can be found on youtube. Look for username: composersinger13