The room was dark around the huddled body. A lone light shone down on its body making it blind to anything beyond. Whispers were all around the figure, and they made tremors run through the body. This wasn't supposed to be how it was, but it was like this every time for all of them. It had long dreaded the day that its time would come in this place. It was here now and it was worse that it could possibly ever imagine.

"Look at how it trembles in anticipation." Potter's husky whisper was the first to become distinct to it.

"So delectable." The words came from Lyra.

"Don't you just want to snatch it up?" The question was from Livia.

"Yes, I want to make it mine," Wicked breathed close by.

"Divine," Fang purred.

There were steps, and a touch on its bare shoulder. It shivered, and clinched its eyes closed. It didn't want to know. It didn't want to see their faces.

"Magnificent," Oogle cooed as she watched it cower.

Sica was grabbing at her fake penis. "It needs debauched."

"With a lighter hand than you'll ever have." Shot Wing, "It needs to be coddled."

"Fuck coddling, make it quick," interjected Interpol.

"A skilled hand would be best." Don chuckled after his words.

Sir stayed silent in the back of the room watching with eager eyes.

Frac hovered over the hunched body, "Everyone knows the virgs love my literary prowess."

"So that makes it yours, again?" Wicked snapped.

Frac hummed. "This is my place mind you."

"So we should bow down to the "Goddess Frac" and let her have whatever she wants?" Sica questioned in a mocking tone.

"I think not!" cried Potter before Frac could say anything.

There was a moment of hush. Then chaos broke out as all the present parties all dived for the cowering figure. There were screams, and cries of dismay with only one resounding triumphant voice over the rest.

It was over for this one. They would have to wait for the next.