Each paragraph is from a different POV.

He knows people are watching them but he continues nonetheless. It's what he wants. He needs them to show his point. He needs them to show that he is in control.

The unwanted attention makes him hotter, harder. He wonders why but the thoughts just get pushed out leaving his head empty. He can't think straight because he is too caught up in the feeling of ecstasy quickly taking over his body. His breathing becomes faster, more ragged as the man on top of him pushes harder, deeper inside.

"Do you understand?" He whispers in the boy's ear as his thrusts get faster and faster, getting ready for the finale. "I own you."

He grits his teeth to try and stop moan from escaping his throat as he is filled with the other man's hot liquid. He scolds himself for enjoying it.

With his intentions complete, he withdraws and stands. He stares at the young boy for a moment. He then turns and makes his exit leaving the child there in the mess for all to see. In a way, he feels sorry for him.