The dawn air was cold. Fog hung low around the tree trunks making the air around look like an old black and white photo. Lilith walked quietly down a dirt road. She was not sneaking, but the grim atmosphere seemed to demand absolute silence.

There was no wind to blow her long, black hair. The bottom of her full skirts dragged on the frozen ground. She moved with a graceful dignity of a privileged noble. She seemed to be searching for something or someone. Her bright blue eyes scanned the woods almost desperately. There was no sign of another soul for miles, so she continued walking with determination.

The dense fog blocked all sunlight. Time seemed to be standing still except for the rhythmic rustle of Lilith's deep purple skirts and her ceaseless searching. She called for no one, but seemed to know exactly where to look for what she was missing. She walked for a long time before finally stopping. Another noise began to touch her ears. She looked hopefully down the road as a carriage drawn by midnight black horses neared her.

She smiled and moved out of the way. She expected it to stop and those in it to help her, but it sped on by as if she was not there at all. It disappeared behind her. Her shoulders slumped in disappointment and she continued along the road, still searching.

The appearance of the carriage seemed to dampen her spirit and her search became less insistent. She began to walk slower and slower until finally, she stopped and sank to her knees and sobbed into her hands. Her skirts billowed around her legs and shook as her cries pierced the silent air.

"Why can't I find you!" she yelled. Her voice was high pitched and strained.

She looked around, her sobs easing. Tears ran down her face still leaving shining streaks down her rosy cheeks. In the silence she heard a soft growl from behind her. Fear flashed in her eyes and she stood. Glancing around quickly, she saw nothing. The growling was soon accompanied by the sound of claws padding on the frozen road. Lilith ran. The claws ran after her and caught up to her within seconds. She dared not look at what was chasing her, only ahead.

She never tired and although the thing chasing her was faster than her, it never attacked. In the chase she still searched. Then suddenly she realized something. She stopped and turned around. The pursuer was a humungous black dog. It too, had piercing blue eyes that stood out against its shadowy coat. The eyes were sad and all-knowing. They told Lilith what she had known all along but had denied. The previous day came rushing on her.

Flashes of a dark street and a tall, dark figure played in her mind. She had been searching for her love. They were to meet that night, that terrible night. She heard her own screaming and a loud gunshot boomed in her ears.

She looked down at her stomach and saw blood flowing from a deep wound. She covered it with her hand and closed her eyes. A single tear rolled down her face. Her skin was now deathly pale and lips a gruesome purple. She looked back down at her stomach and the blood was gone and her corset was not longer torn. The dog sat and waited patiently.

She walked to it and patted his soft head. The dog stood and began to lead her the way she had come. The ghostly trees slowly disappeared and Lilith became gray as the pale fog around her. The dog remained black as night as he led her into the empty white plain ahead of her. They disappeared down the road to death together.