My Protective Flower

The Flower blooms at night,
but one night a month it does not blossom.

Tonight is that night.

My protective Flower is asleep,

It refuses to guard me

But it does start to appear

Slowly, slowly, every night.

My Flower opens its soft white petals,

And surrounds me, with its glowing light.

Let me tell you about my Flower,

When the snow lay on the ground.

My Flower glows clear and white,

But when the summertime comes around,

My protective Flower has a fuzzy, yellow light.

My protective Flower blooms at night,

Although you can sometimes see it,

When the sun comes up just right.

I am not the only one who has the Flower's protection.

Anyone who seeks it will find it where it blooms

In the night sky so bright.

There is only one Flower in the Universe as beautiful as mine.

It's constant, and defeats the darkness all on its own.

But there are other Flowers out there.

But non compare to mine.

Some call her Luna,

But for me, my protective Flower is the Moon.