you get one chap per class.

Chapter 1

Hi! I am the class clown, Jeanette. I take Math, Science, Social studies, Language arts, Drama(and a protege), and Coir. By now my teacher have learned not to call on me. I love to pull pranks! Here are some of my favorite pranks. He he...

3rd grade.

"Kids, how do you answer the phone?" My teacher asks. I shot my hand in the air. I've been waiting for this for weeks. Our teacher had said that we were going to have a class to go over 'how to be polite on telephone'. "Jeanette?" My teacher asks. I stand up then fall to the floor.

"My.. My turtle ran away. And it was too fast for me to catch it." I whine. "And it has a limp!" I cry. The class burst out laughing!

"Jeanette don't do that." My teacher scolded. Did I listen? Never!