Chapter 2

Now that I think about it, Pranks is not the right word. I don't know what to call these... Any way. Today was the most funny so far, but I probably should have been nicer to Susan... I don't know... it was really funny though.

So, the next day was after school drama. ( :) =) He, he! )

Today we were doing my favorite game, Park bench. If you don't know what this is, basically one person sits in a chair and another tries to creep them out!

My specialty!

"Who wants to go first?" The teacher asked. Everyone, except me raised their hand.

"Susan." Susan got up and sat down in one of the chairs.

"Now who wants to be the other person?" The teacher asks. Everyone turns to me as I put my hand in the air. No one else puts their hand up. I gave a small smile like you won't regret this.

"Jeanette." I get up and take a toy turtle out of my pocket. I always have the toy turtle with me...

I sit down and put the turtle to my ear. i turn to Susan.

"Do you like turtles? And Dancing!?" I ask. Susan doesn't respond. "Because Mr. Turtle" I lift the toy. "here wants to dance with you in the moonlight." I put the turtle back to my ear. "Oh?" I say to the turtle. "Really? Still?" I have the turtle nod. "Okay." I say wide eyed.

"What did the Mr. turtle say?" Susan asks in a worried tone.

"First, SHE said that she's a girl, but she still wants to dance." Susan gets up and runs to her friend. I win! Everyone is clapping and laughing at my great performance.