It's hard to explain

That through all the years

That I knew your name,

Only right now, today

Have I been lost for words;

My breath taken completely away.

I wonder how long you've been here

How long my heart's been truly blinded

Without you near.

The smile that rests on your lips

It enchants me like a solar eclipse

You're so different, such a stranger.

I hardly know you,

Yet I know I'm not in danger.

You're like a mystery that I'm just itching to solve.

Help me understand,

Help me know you!

Let me in, no matter how different, or how strange.

Let me be your friend, please let me change.

If I really want you, like I think I do

Please just let me,

Let me like you!

It's hard to say what happened just yesterday.

A completely normal conversation with you

And I was left with nothing to say.

With just one glance

All the secrets you possess I could see swirling like a pool

In your endless blue eyes.

They amaze me; make me want to cry.

Help me understand why you keep quiet.

Help me know the answers to the many questions my heart asks.

Let me in, no matter how different, no matter how strange

Just promise me you'll never change.

Let me know your secrets. Your interests. Your heart

Let me be your listening ear,

Let me always be here!

You're so different from everything I've ever known.

You're such a mystery;

Something I can't figure out alone.

I know I'm different, but I promise I'll never change.

I know I'm crazy for you,

But can this be a love exchange?

Let me be your helping hand.

Let me be your second half.

If you'll just say I do,

I promise forever, Baby I'll always love you!