What was that? A loud and sudden crashing-of-glass sound from just outside the bedroom door awakened Jake with a start. Without realizing it, he had already sprung from his bed and was at his door. Carefully, he listened...

"Help, oh god no! No! NO!". A womans voice? But how? Time to investigate. Jake reached and grabbed his baseball bat from the corner behind the door, and flung it open with haste.

"Oh God!" He exclaimed, at the sight of a young woman in front of him, being torn apart by a disfigured middle-aged man. Glass from the window in the hall was scattered everywhere, and with it was lots of blood. With a shout, Jake swung his bat and struck the man square in the head, knocking him over backwards off of the unfortunate lady. What in Gods name is going on out here?! He thought as he saw the girl with her throat ripped out, tears running down her face, and an expression that screamed Help me! As she quickly faded, and went limp.

I gotta get a phone, call the police, and an ambulance! So he flipped the light switch in the hall, to no avail. A Blackout? Now? Just my luck. As Jake fumbled his way down the hall, trying not to hurt himself on the glass, he scarcely heard bits of glass dropping to the ground. Turning around, he saw the man getting back up, and began lurching in his direction. What the hell? Already getting back up? So, with a war cry he struck again, and just to be sure Jake struck her a third time. Looking closely, he saw the man had been bitten by some one in the neck, and on his hands. He also had blood all down his shirt from his mouth. It seemed that this man was attacked by something or someone, and in turn attacked another. Screams pierced the night, he could hear them sounded like this was happening up and down elfwood street.

Sirens pierced the night, accompanied by gunshots and cries for help. Daylight was just an hour or so away. Jake's concern grew when his attempt to contact his friend Bob Sagget failed on account of no cell phone signal. with the power out he couldn't hop on ventrillo or their game server. Quickly Jake put on his Jeans, boots, and flannel shirt. no cell signal and no power, Sounds like a riot outside, I need to get out of here! Jake proceeded to grab his rifle, satchel and his hat. Just then, he heard sounds from just outside his door. Opening his door just a crack, and peeking through he saw the girl trying to get up.

Isn't she dead? Was I mistaken? Was she just unconscious? "Hello? Are you ok?" The girl turned quickly, facing the door. No way, her throat had been ripped out by the man after all, I didn't mistaken nothing there is no way she could still be alive, how then? While locked in confusion, the creature charged and slammed the door open, knocking Jake on his rump. In a panic, he scrambled to get to his feet and aim his rifle, but he was too slow. She was already on top of him, mouth wide and growling, fighting, struggling to get a taste of his flesh. In a moment of clarity, Jake twisted on the ground so his back was flat, and swept with one leg while pushing with the other, and the monster went right down flat on the ground where he proceeded to elbow it in the face and managed to secure his bat. A good shove off of her, and with another beautiful swing of the bat she stopped moving. I can't stay here, this is not happening. This is something off of some horror show or some kind of superstition, this kind of thing doesn't happen in the real world! I gotta get away from the city, if this is an invasion of the undead, there are far too many candidates for joining them here. I need get away from this town. Jake began balancing his rations for the MRE and quart of water in his bag, as well as his box of rifle ammo.

Jake slowly and quietly moved to the front door, and looked outside to see his Honda Civic was smashed during the night. Not to mention, all his former neighbors shuffling around the streets, looking just as bad as the man and the girl than found their way through his hallway window. Bicycle! He almost exclaimed, creeping through his house to look out the back door window. I sure as hell wish I had a fence around my house right about now.. It was about 20 ft from the back door to his shed that was still locked, and contained his bicycle. He also noted Five undead in-between him and his shed. OK... If I use my rifle, I will attract more of them. But if I run out there and smack them, I will get mauled. And If I just try to get my bike they will surely get me before I have the lock opened...

The roof! Quickly he climbed into his attic, and through the attic was a window leading to the roof. Once he was in the attic he pulled the latter back up so nothing unintelligent would be able to follow him. Once out the window, he creeped around till he had a good angle on the visitors in the back. Loading his rifle, then carefully aiming, he shot the first one square in the chest. Down he fell, writhing and began getting back up almost instantly. Moans and growls from all around rose up at the sound of the gunshot ringing through the air. Guess they really are zombies, headshots then. Aiming carefully, he gently squeezed off a second round, blasting the first zombies head in two. Now, not only were the zombies alerted to his presence, but they now have located him. Swarming in from all directions, mostly along the front. Though a few new zombies arrived from the neighbors in the back. Jake could hear them smashing their way through his house, searching for a fleshy snack. 3 more shots, 2 heads splattered and one miss. Reloading, only 3 in the back now. Though he could see from a few hundred feet out more were closing in fast. Expending another 5 rounds in about 15 seconds his back yard was now cleared, though not for long.

Jumping down, sprinting to the shed and entering the combination to his lock he rushed. In his haste, he failed to enter the correct combo and had to start again, costing him precious seconds. Glancing around himself, he could see a few were starting to make their way around the house. And only about a hundred yards away was another wave, hunting the cause of the sound in hopes of fulfilling their craving for gray matter. Successfully opening the lock, and pocketing it in his satchel, he flung open the door to his shed and leaped onto his bicycle. quickly he rode across the grass, away from his house and the hord chasing him. In a matter of meer moments he escaped his eminent doom. If I am to survive this, I am going to need a plan.

Racing down the road weaving around abandoned cars and small groups of zombies, occasionally passing several police cars with blood all over and around them, as well as a fair amount of brass. I wonder if Rob is ok? He lives just outside of town, I will stop by on the way out of here. He probably has a plan for what to do! Besides, I cant do this by myself, I am going to need help.

Upon reaching the highway to Rob's house, he met a bit of a problem.

Looks like half the town is out for a stroll this fine morning. The woods are too thick for my bike, but it beats getting torn asunder by thousands of freaks! So thus, he parked his bike and began moving silently just inside the wood line towards Rob's house.

As Jake snuck his way to Robs house he contemplated how his friend and coworker must have handled the situation. Rob being a survivalist he would certainly have survived, and fended off any intruders of the undead variety without much trouble. From there they could try to contact Ashley, Bob, and Dustin. Oh no... Much to Jake's dismay, upon arriving at Rob's place, he could clearly see that Rob did not survive. The ground was littered with corpses, most of them dead. But the house was riddled with bullet holes, and there was brass and shells strewn about all over. Especially near the front door. Hung over the rail of the front porch, there was Rob with more holes in him than in a block of swiss cheese. Ash and Bob were nearby, also looking rather full of holes. What After smashing the three still "living corpses", Jake began the tedious process of searching the bodies and the house. Several hours passed, jake found a handful of firearms, but most of them were damaged. Too many rounds too quickly, 3 rifles, a shotgun 2 revolvers and a auto pistole. The pistol is inoperable, mechanism is messed up horribly, insides look warped and bent. Revolvers barrels are warped, probably from too many rounds too fast, same with the rifles. The shotgun's barrel is actually blown out at the end, none of this is useful to me! Jake was also displeased to see that almost all of Rob's ammunition stock was depleted. Half a box for Rob's rifle remained, 3 12 gage shells and 2 .357 mag rounds left. Luckily, though, Rob's bow and some of his arrows were still there. Rob had a slightly longer draw than Jake, even though Jake was taller than Rob, though only by an inch. Still, no sign of Dustin. No way Dusty must have escaped, if he even noticed all this going on with his excessive drinking... in all this,but he surely would have come here first as well. The four of them, Ashley Jake Dustin and Rob went to college together. Ash was an engineer, Jake a forestry management specialist. Dustin just did general studies. Rob failed out after 3 years and said screw it, he was making good enough money without the degree as a programmer part-time, so he started working from home independently and made the most out of them after. Not that any of this mattered anymore. With no sign of Dustin and Rob, Ashley and Bob dead, there was only one thing to do. Figure out a plan B.

Jake decided to take Rob's bow and quiver, because it is far more quiet than his rifle. But found it tedious to carry so much stuff, so he hid his rifle in Rob's cubbard. Rob also had a few MRE's (Meal ready to eat) so Jake took a few of those, and some extra water. Jake began plotting his next step. Jake contemplated going to the nearest military base, which was 35 miles away. Rob's small house is far to close to Town. Marshal was a nice town to live in, untill the undead breakout. He wished he could get Dustin's opinion, and help. Such a trip by himself would be much too risky.

Son of a gun! He could hear a small group of shuffling moaning persons in the yard.