Pass Over

WARNING: It's short. No like-y, no read-y.

This is about Houston, who was mentioned in the other fic, In Time. ...Yeah, Houston is dying here. :( At least, that was what he thought was gonna happen. Me no support suicide, homicide, or any of the other 'cides' so don't go trolling, mmkay?
On with the story, yo! :)

He could feel nothing, see nothing, hear nothing. It was all nothing. He feared nothing. Nothing was a terrifying thing. But nothing didn't actually exist. What was nothing? The light. He could see the light now. He nearly cried, thankful to have something in this world, this existence. But with that thought he became saddened with what he had left behind. He would've whispered her name, to hear it's beauty, the beauty that reflected her own, but he couldn't. It was not in his capacity, in this body. But, in the end, it would all be futile anyway.

He was going to die.

He had made that decision, and that was a permanent decision. At least for him. So he couldn't go back on it now.

W-what? Huh? The light! Why can't I-

Houston felt himself being pulled down. He hated it. Why couldn't he just die already? He just wanted to be left alone, to be without emotion in a place where at least one person cared. But he could feel it, that sense of dread. He knew what was happening. He was being brought back to life. He could see her, and a cute looking girl standing above him. Healing him. Saving him.

No! No! Why?! Everything had been going so well...

But there were no complaints. His senses were ripped from him as the world went black.

By the way, the part up there describing the girlies... He can't see them clearly, but he just so happen to make up enough of the outlined shapes to determine that, they were girls and that one of these girls are her.

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