Faux Pas

Twist and pull and

Keep on tugging and

Twist and pull and

Almost got it…

Twist and pull and

Twist and pull and…


At last!

Place it on the

Bedside table

And crawl away in the dark

Like the coward you are.

No letter of long lost love,

No note of farewell.

No reason left for me to see reason.

I sit there, worried, as

Your phone goes "ring, ring, ring…"

But that was before

I noticed another ring.

Your ring.

Well fine then. Run away.

Run away and never come back.

Let the memories we had plague themselves

Upon your mind like a cancer,

But rather than leaving destruction in its wake,

May it leave painful clarity.

So perhaps, on your death bed, you will glance down

At your left hand.

And you will remember me,

Though the ring is long gone.

The band where it sat for so many years

Still remains visible.

A permanent scar, bleach white

Against the tans of twenty five

Summers on your third finger.

You may want to forget,

But I won't allow it.

Because it is easier to forget

Than it is to forgive.

And I never did either.